Sunday, 21 September 2008

screw crafts, I've gone all arty on yo ass!!!

Check out this felt scene I made as a gift, I tell you I've come over all arty. It could be due to be being in the same room as two amazing arty cool grrls in like the space of one week, heck 5 days! Tara Mcpherson and Niagara, I went all fan gurl and didn't become their bffs or anything! Tara is smaller than I imagined she would be, but hella cool, Alison making a 'they think we're on the ROB' joke at the Niagara opening right next to John Robb probably wasn't gonna win us snobby-arty kudos, but pfft who wanted them. best/worst overheard critique 'yes, but I think there's a little overuse of guns'.


that's my critique.

ladies who paint and make music= TOTALLY AWESOME FACT!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

snax and crafts, together?!?! I'M IN HEAVEN...

Yes check it out biscuits that look like buttons and taste like poor mans Oreos!! aw yeah!

mama told me not to use it.....

I made my first battenberg whoop whoop! It wasn't a failure like Dot's from Eastenders in an episode I never saw but told repeatedly by folk.
It was also my first time using Marzipan as icing, so I went to town and novelty-ed it up, it's a can of ultra clutch hairspray, woo yeah!!