Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Stitched Up

How have we not told you about Stitched Up already?

Stitched Up are an awesome co-op running a shop/workshop space in Chorlton Manchester.
Focus on ethical fashion, green textiles and learning new skills so you can achieve all of this!

Aside from running workshops (from fun classes for kids, to learning how to use a sewing machine, upcycling your old stuff and knitting) they have clothes swap events, films and guest speakers relating to ethically sourced fashion. Plus they sell lot's of great things, from found haberdashery items to crafty bits and bobs made by local artists!

Speaking of you can now get Kandy's knitting book and some bits (aprons, cushions, purses, needlebooks) that I have made down there!

more information HERE!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Death By Knitting....

The other half (and ever awesome) of Sugar Paper, Kandy, has a new exhibition opening soon in that there London...

Things that are great, knitted stuff, films, things that are 3D.
All of the above are in the exhibition!
Prick Your Finger are going to be showing a collection of Kandy's knitted 3D posters from April 25th-June 7th.
It's gonna be one of the best things you get to see this year so don't miss it.
AND 3D glasses are provided!!!!
more event information HERE.