Friday, 21 November 2008

sometimes I just want a hug....

I made a Halloween outfit, I was a Tara McPherson painting, yeah I know!!!!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

You make me want to crochet....

Yes, i have finally made something sugar-paper-blog worthy.

I learnt to crochet properly just over a year ago but didn't get any further than basic chains and one sphere, woo! The other week i invested in the amazing 'Amigurumi' book by supacool Anna Obaachan.

I refreshed my memory of crochet and learned how to read crochet charts straight away, it's a really well made book with very good easy to follow instructions, which is exactly what i need!

Two weeks later here is my first creation...'skinny sleepy cat' as it is called in the book.

"YAWN...I'm so slepy"

" I suppose i'll have to get up if i want some chocolate favourite food, mmm."

I think i'm going to try the elephant next, watch this space!