Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Songs with crafty sounding titles....

In celebration of fact that after 7 months I finished this:
here is another song with a crafty sounding title, taken from that LP above!


Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Summer is here...

..and I've spent it all indoors making stuff!

on Monday I made a lemon drizzle cake:

Today i have made some kitchen curtains for my mum:

and a shirt for Alison out of fabric from Olympia (little roller waitresses!):


Tuesday, 23 June 2009

so we got crafty...

Lot's of things were being made, knitting, cross stitching, scrap booking, jewellery making... I managed to make a pom pom!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Craft Idol #1

In order to give myself a kick up the crafting arse I've decided to start a series where Kandy and I will tell you a little about our craft idols (this will mean when I run out of the ones I am aware of I will have to search for more!)
First up is...
Jenny Hart

Jenny Hart has made embroidery an art form. creator of Sublime Stitching, awesome embroidery patterns for all kick- ass crafsters. She also makes awesome art work, using hand embroidery of amazing portraits of the famous and the wonderful. She has worked with other ace art ladies Dame Darcy and Lisa Petrucci. Having artwork featured in one of my favourite magazines, Bust. If that isn't enough she has also knocked out a couple of crafty books. Give yourself repetitive strain injury and a piece of awesome embroidery with a Sublime Stitching pattern!




songs with crafty sounding titles...

The Thermals- Every Stitch

chosen because I can't go and see them tonight, but I did get to see them in Portland, so you can't win 'em all!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

I attempted vegan baking.....

and failed. It tasted rally good just sadly didn't stay together, ah well.

but craft night was a thumbs up!

Sunday, 14 June 2009

this week I have been sewing.....

I turned this:

into this:

for Alison. I also made her a dress form American fabric, but there is no pictorial evidence of that.

I also found a box full of goodies from my pre teen years whilst looking for plastic food for Nickies indoor birthday picnic (the plastic food, it seems I have thrown away, bummer!)

but look at all those teeth(all with fillings!) and that me made of Fimo!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Say cheeeeeeese...

oh look, I made Nickie a cake that looks just like her Nikon camera for her birthday (my mum did say it looked a bit like a penis!), ah well, I wrote Nickie on the lens cap so it looked like Nikon, oh how we laughed.

Friday, 5 June 2009


The rules of craft club:

#1-The first rule of craft club is, you DO talk about craft club!

yes tell all yr friends.

bring down yr unfinished crafts that you may need a little egging on to complete. Don't bring any crafts and use our supplies (for a donation of course!) and make something within our theme.

The first Craft Kitchen is on Tuesday 16th June from 6pm (but come down at any time) at Soup Kitchen on Spear street (near Stevensons square round the back of the Night and Day).
Kandy and I will be on hand to give hand/machine sewing, crochet and knitting tips!
As I sit here,typing the rains falls hard, I decided this months theme is SUMMER!

some come and make summer crafts!


check out this hott happening post present medium toothpaste my mum came back from the dentist with the other day, and it's blue!

in other news I have done nothing today, yet, been on a quest for black food colouring. I thank you Tesco Cheetham Hill!

Monday, 1 June 2009

WANTED: Come Zine With me..

So today I over dosed on anthistimines ,(3 things I hate about the good weather 1-awful hayfever, 2- everything peeling off my due to overheated blu tack and 3- the sun discolouring my fringe too quickly) but I woke up in time to watch Come Dine With Me,
"who, out of anyone famous, dead or alive would you go on holiday with?"
office worker:
"Carrie from sex and the city, because she IS me, the shoes the handbags the..."
god kill me now.
anyways, yes I am writing a zine come dine with me style and I want contributions! Basically you just write you're own Come Dine With Me dinner, then I'll add it to all the others, and voila, Come Zine With Me!
I'm off to sniff, doze and LOL at this awful PATD cake I just saw on cake wrecks blog, ahhh!