Friday, 5 December 2008

12 zines in one year...

so I (Seleena) have decided that 2009 is the year I make 12 zines. I reckon there will only be like one half decent zine amongst the lot, but I'm still going to try anyway.
I'll keep you posted....

EMO top trumps...

I made these babies aaaaaaaaages ago*, but forgot about them (kinda) until I whipped 'em out on the train ride home from Mika Miko (aceXcore) last night. they are a highly enjoyable pack of top trumping action!
*way before Rock Sound had 'rock top trumps' free with their issue like last month, pfft

Friday, 21 November 2008

sometimes I just want a hug....

I made a Halloween outfit, I was a Tara McPherson painting, yeah I know!!!!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

You make me want to crochet....

Yes, i have finally made something sugar-paper-blog worthy.

I learnt to crochet properly just over a year ago but didn't get any further than basic chains and one sphere, woo! The other week i invested in the amazing 'Amigurumi' book by supacool Anna Obaachan.

I refreshed my memory of crochet and learned how to read crochet charts straight away, it's a really well made book with very good easy to follow instructions, which is exactly what i need!

Two weeks later here is my first creation...'skinny sleepy cat' as it is called in the book.

"YAWN...I'm so slepy"

" I suppose i'll have to get up if i want some chocolate favourite food, mmm."

I think i'm going to try the elephant next, watch this space!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Excuse My Obsession...

OK so I'm not 15 anymore, yet it seems I'm knocking out a different zine every week (mega LOLZ)!!! this here is my brief guide to EMO music, ah yes!

perhaps I should find new hobbies.....

I'm back off to the sofa now to continue watching EMO day on MTV2, sweet!

Sunday, 21 September 2008

screw crafts, I've gone all arty on yo ass!!!

Check out this felt scene I made as a gift, I tell you I've come over all arty. It could be due to be being in the same room as two amazing arty cool grrls in like the space of one week, heck 5 days! Tara Mcpherson and Niagara, I went all fan gurl and didn't become their bffs or anything! Tara is smaller than I imagined she would be, but hella cool, Alison making a 'they think we're on the ROB' joke at the Niagara opening right next to John Robb probably wasn't gonna win us snobby-arty kudos, but pfft who wanted them. best/worst overheard critique 'yes, but I think there's a little overuse of guns'.


that's my critique.

ladies who paint and make music= TOTALLY AWESOME FACT!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

snax and crafts, together?!?! I'M IN HEAVEN...

Yes check it out biscuits that look like buttons and taste like poor mans Oreos!! aw yeah!

mama told me not to use it.....

I made my first battenberg whoop whoop! It wasn't a failure like Dot's from Eastenders in an episode I never saw but told repeatedly by folk.
It was also my first time using Marzipan as icing, so I went to town and novelty-ed it up, it's a can of ultra clutch hairspray, woo yeah!!

Sunday, 27 July 2008


today i made Brownies, for the first time ever!!! I only realised the other day I hadn't made brownies before when my mum brought some home made ones from work saying 'mmm tasty, are brownies easy to make' 'yeah' I replied before adding 'actually I've never made them'.
they weren't a massive success. they weren't of the Fudge sticky variety, I had to use milk chocolate instead of Plain as my cornershop doesn't sell Bournvilles, pfft and I nearly burnt the second lot, distracted by You Tube!
Maybe I never made Brownies before as I was never accepted into the Brownies, I tried to join when i first moved to where i live now, they let me go, watch an entire Brownie session and at the end say 'we sadly don't have any room in the Brownies for you, but you can join Brigade. Brigade I learnt was full of Scouts and Brownies rejects. It was OK, sometimes it was funny, The uniform 'dicked all over' that of the Brownies and I really enjoyed polishing my bugle, I sadly didn't enjoy playing it as much and any public performance of bugle playing saw my mime it, I was pretty good at that.

Monday, 21 July 2008

OMGGZZZZ i wanna pimp!!!

ok, so I didn't make any of these, but I sooooo want to, if only I could think what to do, all the best stuff has been done, I might go for an original glazed Kripsy Kreme!! YUMSVILLE!
initially we make this:

cuz zines are really good and so is making things, so together making a zine is like the best!
It's funny, you somehow think making a zine shouldn't be something you do after leaving yr teens, but then I'm not working for Bust mag so pfft. Plus a craft zine is sooo mature and very NOW!
there's also that added bonus that I won't be able to sneak in anything I might later regret, there's no room for perzine here!