Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Thought Bubble

So last weekend saw me attend Thought Bubble with my good friend Holly.
We had a blast and I could write about it here, but Holly has already done it (and probably far better than I would) so instead I am going to send you there.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Monthly mix.

A few weeks ago something shitty happened. some idiots mugged me. Anyway when the Police officer came round I really enjoyed retelling every detail of the incident, because I got a chufty for knowing so much. I have a photographic memory and am super observant.

these facts have always made me think I have missed my calling in life, I was destined to be a teen detective!
Sadly I am not one for several reasons, but here is a mix to make me and other wannabe teen detectives feel better.

Plus that Veronica Mars movie is getting made!

Monday, 11 November 2013

This Filthy World.

When I was in year 7-9 I used to hang out at my friend Yama's house a lot. Even though her house was always hectic and crowded (she had several sisters in quite a small house) I used to love going round there to play on the SNES (and later N64) or thread string through those plastic drawstring bags sports shops have (her mum used to do this for a bit of extra cash) or watch films. Her Dad had LOADS of videos, the only film I remember watching is Hairspray. Yama told me I had to watch this mad film her dad had from the 80s. It checked a lot of boxes of things love: 60s clothes, black people, bright colours, DANCING and Ricki Lake*. I was instantly sold on John Waters!
I think next probably came a viewing of Serial Mom on TV (although I have a feeling that was a video night at Yama's) and Pecker and the rest is history!

Fast forward over a decade and I got to attend a talk John did in London for his book Role Models (I wrote about it here) which was ace. Fast forward three years and I got to be in the same room as John again! this time for This Filthy world.

We got to Liverpool Philharmonic (which is a lovely venue) and saw like 80% of people I know, which is always ace.
I wasn't particularly excited (maybe because I'd been to a talk of Johns before, maybe because I have watched This Filthy World, maybe because I was a little tired) but once he hit the stage I got super excited!!!
And he didn't disappoint! I think I enjoyed this one more than the role models one as it seemed less formal. John was as charming and funny as ever! And as always I learnt something new (referring to someone as a blouse- having a bit of a feminine top!).

I laughed a lot. Oh John.

He was signing copies of Role Models after the talk, but the last time I met him he couldn't understand a word I was saying so I didn't want to do that again! We watched him meeting people like big creepers and our friend Amy took this snap as he signed and sipped wine!

I obviously regret not getting another photo with him now, seeing as my friends that did queue and got photos, John looks so dashing on them!

We left and eventually headed over to Chew Disco (but missed Vaginal Davis by like 5 minutes, too busy getting pizza!) and had a dance. I also managed to see an exhibition of photos from the British punk movement and lots of Poly Styrene (all part of Homotopeia).

Overall a great day out!

All I ask is that someone give John some money to make that Christmas film about meat thieves he keeps talking about, sounds like my childhood, whose Dad hasn't bought some bacon off some guy from down the pub?!?!?

*if anyone is interested my favourite episode of Ricki Lake is the one where Alan (goth MM fan) comes on for a makeover and has a tin lunchbox with a picture of Ricki in it and Ricki is well into it!

Monday, 4 November 2013

This is Halloween.....

This Halloween I had a party (when I say party, I mean a gathering of a few friends with drinks and snacks!).
Obviously I'm all about dressing up, but I'm also all about putting on a decent spread. So whilst Kandy and I made our outfits (a shrunken head and Oblina from Aaahhhh!!! real Monsters, respectively) I also made some edible stuff. From a jelly brain, to eyeball cakes, edible toxic waste and green punch. Had some Halloween shaped pasta which was a hit and black candy floss sugar which was not a hit as it just came out a dirty white colour, pfft!

Halloween part 2 was meant to commence at the weekend at Tranarchy's Zombie Pride, where I was due to perform a tap dance to The Addams Family theme tune dressed as Wednesday Addams.
sadly on my way to my friends I got mugged! I tried to chase them, but these guys probably had ten years on me, so I didn't manage too. They only really got away with £20, a phone that is not any value, in fact the phone dangles attached to it are probably worth more, a bus pass I didn't even need in my bag (IDIOT!) and a pocket mirror I take everywhere that I bought in 1999!
I didn't let it ruin my night, I didn't do my tap performance (my legs are still aching from the chase now) but I did go out for a couple of hours.... (and here was me thinking the let down candy floss sugar was the Halloween disaster!)

overall had a great Halloween and can't wait to do it all next year!