Saturday, 23 March 2013

To The End.

I don't know where to start with this. A few things first; most of Sugar Paper's Internet presence is done by me (Seleena) just like this post and so some of you may have noticed I love a certain band, if you haven't then you must not read this blog like ever!
Also as stated in a previous blog post (
THIS ONE HERE) I'm an obsessive, I love being a fan of things.

So you can imagine how upset I was when I woke up to frantic texts from two of my best friends saying my favourite band have split! Not how I was planning my Saturday to go.

I'm not going to go on as my friend Holly wrote everything I want to say in her blog HERE.

I never thought when I was young (and obsessive) that I would feel this way as a fully grown adult about a band!
Just the other day I was saying to Holly 'at this rate I'm gonna be 30 the nest time we see MCR' where as now I'm thinking 'I'm almost 29 and I feel like my life as an obsessive is over, what do I do now?'

As I said in that blog post about being a FANATIC that I like being a fan of things, they inspire me to do stuff, and I think that's what I will miss the most.

For a big part of my late teen and adult life this band have influenced me directly and indirectly. I made zines relating to them, I sneak things in Sugar Paper influenced by them, I made an entire felt collection about their last album!!

I made some of my best friends by bonding over them and reignited old friendships because of them. They saved my life! Right now I'm a bit like it's finished, just like that?!? Am I getting this upset over a band? Will I ever be obsessed with anything that is from the past ever again? What do I do now?

I dunno.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

New look shop!*

Yeah, so it's now officially spring (honestly it is!!) so we thought we'd give the Sugar Paper shop a new look.
We're currently working on Sugar Paper #11 which may be out when it feels like actual spring!

* the title refers to our zine shop, not the high street shop New Look!!!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The time we became total betties!

So Kandy and I met some time ago (like 9 years ago or something) and I think pretty much from the moment we became friends we said we would one day dress as Cher and Dionne and yeah it took this long to do it, but when we did it we did it well (even if I do say so myself!).

We made a pact that 2013 would be the year (we may have said 2012 would be the year but after some half hearted attempts at looking for the perfect plaid we gave up). But then some friends of ours were hosting a 12 hour teen movie marathon, if this wasn't the perfect event to dress up then I don't what is.

We got to work on sourcing the fabric (and it was suprisingly easy I don't know what happened last year) and got to work.

Kandy opted for buying a pattern to make her jacket and skirt combo, I on the other hand decided to use my three days at college studying fashion to make up a skirt and jacket, it turned out well if a little ill fitting.

Kandy skinned a collie for her back pack and I went shopping with Dr Seuss, I mean she got some faux fur and I went crazy with a sheet of plastic and a glue gun and of course down the market they still sell flower bobbles for £1, IT IS THE 90s!

I got a wig and we DIY'd some hair extensions for Kandy, we already own knee socks (obvs) and luckily the pound shop do still sell fake flip phones (they also sell fake Blackberry's!). Once we got the right shade of slightly shimmery yet nude lipstick for Kandy we were set.

We had so much fun dressed as Cher and Dionne (sadly my nose hole closed up a few years ago and so my nose ring wouldn't stay on, but then maybe my allergies were just acting up).

My friend Katie decided to come as Tai and the set was complete. We posed for pictures and made mini videos of us spouting quotes in bad American accents. THE NIGHT WAS SO FUN!

I have since searched sites for Jeep rental places as I am trying to convince Kandy to hire one for the day and we can drive around and totally pause at stop signs!!!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Eastenders; knitwear pioneers?!?

I watch Eastenders from time to time and over the past couple of years I've noticed they've featured s couple pieces of knitwear that Kandy and I own, but it wasn't until the other day when character Poppy was wearing a third piece of knitwear I own that I thought wow Eastenders are either spot on when it comes to knitwear or they're peeking into our wardrobes!

The characters that have been stealing our knit style are the kinda off centre ones, the ditsy, quirky and loud ones, but who doesn't want those qualities in some knitwear! WE DO!

Poppy styling some sailor knit.

Seleena also styling some sailor knit after Kandy bought this gem in the sale knowing it would fit either one of us (I'm also making a posh chip butty here!)

Kim being 'a sassy black women'

Seleena being a sleepy black woman, at some work training! (Kandy has this cardi and wears it a lot but I can't find photo evidence right now)I think Kim stole my hairdo too in this one!

Jean Slater rocking the best item since the 90s from (now defunct) Bay Trading.

Seleena rocking it whilst meeting the legend John Waters

Kandy with a lion's head drinking tea and looking stylish!

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Inspiring Sugar Paper #11

and the time we did THIS

Sheffield Zine Fest

we shall be at this....

We will be selling anything that has a staple in it!!! Sugar Paper, I Don't Bruise Easy, Poor Lass, Tinnitus, all that EMO shit Seleena writes and more!!!!

more info HERE