Tuesday, 31 July 2012


So at the start of the month I mentioned celebrity zine reviews, then last week I pointed out that meant myself reviewing zines written by celebrities. Some of you may have been disappointed there weren't any actual celebrities involved BUT I thought what better way to end our special International Zine Month posts by getting an actual celebrity!

May I present.....

TV's JOYCE D'VISION reviewing The Unskinny Bop zine!

it's like Bella for chubs jam packed with helpful hints and tips for fatties! It covers everything Life! Fashion! Culture! Comment! Inspirational Messages! A zine dedicated to chub power is my kinda zine, body positive messages delivered in a non patronising, empowering fun and frisky tone!

I've actually only got one issue of Unskinny bop that i read over and over! It's the only one you can download so if yr listening ladies get more online!

As I'm sure your aware Unskinny Bop is a pretty hot night down in London catering for ladies and gentlemen of size who want to dance and lay down a phat badonkadonk without the mean gaze of our skinny oppressors! My kinda night!

There's a keen focus on podgers in pop in this zine, Beth Ditto, The Big Bopper and Missy Elliot get a shout out, perhaps one day ol 'Joyce could make the cut!?

I have to say one of my favourite sections is the Fat Girl AIlments section, this issue focuses on "The Chafe" a blight to all active chubs have the face, Unskinny Bop showed me there is a light at the end of the caffed tunnel!

Although my fave article is "20 Things I can Lift With My Tits" which I myself gave a go and boy did I, I got 3 DVD's and an Ellen Video under my moobs!


WOW!  TV's Joyce D'vision there ladies and gentlemen. And here is a glimpse of Joyce on TV...

For more Joyce fabulousness GO HERE and for more Unskinny Bop awesomeness GO HERE!

Joyce photo taken by Nickie!

Friday, 27 July 2012

Without You I'm Nothing

Seleena just picked up her new zine fresh from the printers, she thought it only right she make a zine during International Zine Month.

This is a zine all about Seleena's misspent youth youth being a Placebo obsessive. This is one for all the obsessive fans,  and anyone who takes fandom very seriously! You're not alone!

Buy it from Seleena's zine shop

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Celebrity zines!!!

So, I realised when I stated that for international zine month the blog would feature celebrity zine reviews, it made it sound like we would have celebrity's reviewing zines, well I apologise, because it isn't that, but you never know!
What I did mean was that I would go through my zine collection and review ones I have made by celebrities (by celebrities I obviously mean people in bands I like and such!).
So here we go....

Shitty Reality #1 by Cassie Ramone (of the Vivian Girls)
A cute A6 zine filled with photos and illustrations by Cassie, that she made whilst on tour. I think it came in a series of 3 zines that covered the tour.

Be Honourable by Josie Long (comedian!)

Another A6 zine that coincided with a tour of the same name. I didn't go to any of the tour but I did End up with this zine. Full of musings, jokes, stories and more!

My Life With Evan Dando by Kathleen Hanna

An A6 zine that does exactly what it says on the tin! If you have ever heard Kathleen Hanna's cover of I wish I was Him, well this is the zine to go along with that. A zine full of writing about Kathleen's Love/hate relationship with Evan Dando and the whole 'rockstar' image/lifestyle fandom area of things!

Hideous Tales Of Decadance And Debauchery by Dame Darcy (artist)

This A5 zine comes with a bright pink cover and is made with Dame Darcy's friend Miss Satanica. They both come from Idaho so part of the zine is about their time growing up. It also has other tales and lots of Dame Darcy's illustrations in it.

Popgirls #2 by Manda Rin (of the band Bis)

I don't seem to have any other issues of this zine. It's A5 and comes in a lovely blue cover. It has tonnes of music stuff in it from reviews to lots on interviews with awesome ladies in ace bands and a crossword too!

Guitar Basics by Sarah Utter (artist and from the band Bangs)

This short but sweet A5 zine is really cool. It's a really easy to follow guide on how to play the guitar. Power chords, tricks and buying equipment. OK so i still never learnt to play, but now I've dug it back out, I might give it another go!

Fag School #1 by Brontez ( Junx from Gravy Train!!!!)

An A4 B&W affair. that features everything from porn reviews, stories, interviews, colouring in and an agony aunt column with one of my all time favourites Allsion Wolfe! But as it states on the back, it's not intended for minors!!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

The easy guide to zine making...

I wrote this a couple of years ago to feature on a website for pre- teen girls...

So you love magazines, you want to make your own. You don’t know how, you suck at doing anything technical on a computer. It’s ok you can still make your own fabulous zine, we’ll show you how!

All you need is some ideas, a pen, some paper, scissors and a glue stick!

How to make a ‘cut ‘n’ paste style’ A5 zine…..

-Cut ‘n’ paste style means just that, it involves cutting and pasting! They usually look a bit messy, lot’s of words and collage style pictures.

-Start by getting together what you want in your zine; rants, reviews, drawings, stories, anything really. If it makes it easier, give yourself a theme, like a music zine or a fashion zine.

-Once you’ve got all the stuff you want in your zine you can start laying it out. You need to work in A5 format (that’s A4 folded in half!). So if you’re writing/typing stuff out make sure it’s not too wide to fit on an A5 piece of paper (15cm).

-Collect pictures, doodles and stuff for background. Words are nice but they’re better with a few pics here and there! Use old magazines and wrapping paper because then you’ll be recycling too!

-when gluing down your words and pictures, glue them on individual pieces of A5. This will make it easier when compiling your zine.

-Now time for some maths (UGH, we hear you cry, thought zine making was fun!). It’s OK, it’s not much. Just remember that you need to make sure that however many pages of A5 you have to go in your zine, make sure it’s a multiple of FOUR (that means you see it on the 4 times table somewhere!) Otherwise you’ll be left with blank pages.

-Here’s the tricky part (more maths we’re afraid!). Count how many pages you have. Divide that number by four, this tells you how many pieces of A4 paper you will need, IE: for 20 A5 sheets get 5 pieces of A4. Fold them in half together like a book. Jot down on each side of paper which zine articles will go where, start with the cover obviously! This way when you photocopy it, any article that goes over one A5 page will follow on nicely.

-When you’ve figured that out, glue them all down! When you separate the A4 pages you should have zinegae stuck on both sides. If it DOESN’T follow on (on each sheet) then you’ve done it correctly!

-Now all you have to do is get it double side photocopied. Give it to the ‘rentals to get it done in the office for free, or your teacher at school/college! Failing that you’ll have to take it somewhere and pay, sheeesh! Oxfam is really cheap and you’d be donating to charity at the same time. Make sure you ask an assistant to get it copied double sided!

There you go you’ve made your very own zine. Now feel extremely proud of yourselves, cuz we do EVERY TIME we make one!!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Theme Park Zine

Look what dropped on my doormat this morning, a zine about theme parks!!
But not just your average theme parks, your weird and wonderful ones. A lovely lady named Kate has taken her love for these theme parks and turned it into a zine, featuring some of the amazing places she's visited and contributions from other people.
You'll find my enthusiastic review of The Enchanted Forest in the zine as well as write ups for Moomin World, Bedrock, Luna Park and more!
Get in touch with kate at: patsydecline[at]gmail.com for more information!
And then read the zine with this song as your soundtrack!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Seleena's favourite zine!

So I have a lot of favourite zines and I go back to a lot of zines and like most 'favourite' things it depends on your mood as to how much you like them.
But one I always go back to and always in the mood for is the (sadly now defunct) Colouring Outside The Lines Zine.

I suppose it helps that it's a zine about tow of my favourite things, women and art!!!
It's a zine that features interviews with female contemporary artists, some of my old favourites and some that I discovered in this zine.
To name a few, it features: Dame Darcy, Lisa Petrucci, Tara McPherson, Nikki McClure, Marion Peck, Sarah Utter, Nicole J gorges and SO MANY MORE!!!

There is an added bonus too, it is compiled and edited by the ever lovely lady Melanie Maddison, who has compiled more recently another awesome zine called Shape & Situate.
Rumour has it COTLZ might make a come back FINGERS CROSSED!

In the meantime you can read the interviews HERE!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Salford Zine Library

Yesterday Kandy and I popped down to the new home of Salford Zine Library. We sipped on rose lemonade and perused all the zines on offer. The space is really ace, clean bright and welcoming with loads of zines stuffed in!
You can find it in Nexus in Manchester (which is on Dale Street). It's in the back just past the counter. Now I just need to submit Sugar paper for the library (been saying that for ever now!)

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Zine making playlist...

I complied an average zine making playlist in honour of International Zine moth, ENJOY! and here is another one I couldn't find on Spotify that is ALWAYS on when we make zines...

Monday, 2 July 2012

Happy International Zine Month!

so it turns out the month of July is Interntaional Zine month. It's easy to see at Sugar paper HQ we love zines (well Sugar Paper is a zine, and we obviously love ourselves!).
So join us as we celebrate the awesomeness that are zines! we shall be talking about our favourite zines, making new zines, digging up the old, showing you how to make zines, reviewing 'Celebrity' zines and much more.

To start off with here is a call for sumbissions.
I'm putting together a zine about PCOS and looking for contributions. Anything will do - personal accounts, advice, diagnosis and misdiagnosis, drawings, rants, helpful tips, rubbish doctors/good doctors, anything at all. Please forward to anyone you know who might want to contribute. You can send me stuff at supercasio@hotmail.com