Saturday, 21 July 2012

Celebrity zines!!!

So, I realised when I stated that for international zine month the blog would feature celebrity zine reviews, it made it sound like we would have celebrity's reviewing zines, well I apologise, because it isn't that, but you never know!
What I did mean was that I would go through my zine collection and review ones I have made by celebrities (by celebrities I obviously mean people in bands I like and such!).
So here we go....

Shitty Reality #1 by Cassie Ramone (of the Vivian Girls)
A cute A6 zine filled with photos and illustrations by Cassie, that she made whilst on tour. I think it came in a series of 3 zines that covered the tour.

Be Honourable by Josie Long (comedian!)

Another A6 zine that coincided with a tour of the same name. I didn't go to any of the tour but I did End up with this zine. Full of musings, jokes, stories and more!

My Life With Evan Dando by Kathleen Hanna

An A6 zine that does exactly what it says on the tin! If you have ever heard Kathleen Hanna's cover of I wish I was Him, well this is the zine to go along with that. A zine full of writing about Kathleen's Love/hate relationship with Evan Dando and the whole 'rockstar' image/lifestyle fandom area of things!

Hideous Tales Of Decadance And Debauchery by Dame Darcy (artist)

This A5 zine comes with a bright pink cover and is made with Dame Darcy's friend Miss Satanica. They both come from Idaho so part of the zine is about their time growing up. It also has other tales and lots of Dame Darcy's illustrations in it.

Popgirls #2 by Manda Rin (of the band Bis)

I don't seem to have any other issues of this zine. It's A5 and comes in a lovely blue cover. It has tonnes of music stuff in it from reviews to lots on interviews with awesome ladies in ace bands and a crossword too!

Guitar Basics by Sarah Utter (artist and from the band Bangs)

This short but sweet A5 zine is really cool. It's a really easy to follow guide on how to play the guitar. Power chords, tricks and buying equipment. OK so i still never learnt to play, but now I've dug it back out, I might give it another go!

Fag School #1 by Brontez ( Junx from Gravy Train!!!!)

An A4 B&W affair. that features everything from porn reviews, stories, interviews, colouring in and an agony aunt column with one of my all time favourites Allsion Wolfe! But as it states on the back, it's not intended for minors!!

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