Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Seleena's favourite zine!

So I have a lot of favourite zines and I go back to a lot of zines and like most 'favourite' things it depends on your mood as to how much you like them.
But one I always go back to and always in the mood for is the (sadly now defunct) Colouring Outside The Lines Zine.

I suppose it helps that it's a zine about tow of my favourite things, women and art!!!
It's a zine that features interviews with female contemporary artists, some of my old favourites and some that I discovered in this zine.
To name a few, it features: Dame Darcy, Lisa Petrucci, Tara McPherson, Nikki McClure, Marion Peck, Sarah Utter, Nicole J gorges and SO MANY MORE!!!

There is an added bonus too, it is compiled and edited by the ever lovely lady Melanie Maddison, who has compiled more recently another awesome zine called Shape & Situate.
Rumour has it COTLZ might make a come back FINGERS CROSSED!

In the meantime you can read the interviews HERE!

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