Tuesday, 31 July 2012


So at the start of the month I mentioned celebrity zine reviews, then last week I pointed out that meant myself reviewing zines written by celebrities. Some of you may have been disappointed there weren't any actual celebrities involved BUT I thought what better way to end our special International Zine Month posts by getting an actual celebrity!

May I present.....

TV's JOYCE D'VISION reviewing The Unskinny Bop zine!

it's like Bella for chubs jam packed with helpful hints and tips for fatties! It covers everything Life! Fashion! Culture! Comment! Inspirational Messages! A zine dedicated to chub power is my kinda zine, body positive messages delivered in a non patronising, empowering fun and frisky tone!

I've actually only got one issue of Unskinny bop that i read over and over! It's the only one you can download so if yr listening ladies get more online!

As I'm sure your aware Unskinny Bop is a pretty hot night down in London catering for ladies and gentlemen of size who want to dance and lay down a phat badonkadonk without the mean gaze of our skinny oppressors! My kinda night!

There's a keen focus on podgers in pop in this zine, Beth Ditto, The Big Bopper and Missy Elliot get a shout out, perhaps one day ol 'Joyce could make the cut!?

I have to say one of my favourite sections is the Fat Girl AIlments section, this issue focuses on "The Chafe" a blight to all active chubs have the face, Unskinny Bop showed me there is a light at the end of the caffed tunnel!

Although my fave article is "20 Things I can Lift With My Tits" which I myself gave a go and boy did I, I got 3 DVD's and an Ellen Video under my moobs!


WOW!  TV's Joyce D'vision there ladies and gentlemen. And here is a glimpse of Joyce on TV...

For more Joyce fabulousness GO HERE and for more Unskinny Bop awesomeness GO HERE!

Joyce photo taken by Nickie!

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