Monday, 2 July 2012

Happy International Zine Month!

so it turns out the month of July is Interntaional Zine month. It's easy to see at Sugar paper HQ we love zines (well Sugar Paper is a zine, and we obviously love ourselves!).
So join us as we celebrate the awesomeness that are zines! we shall be talking about our favourite zines, making new zines, digging up the old, showing you how to make zines, reviewing 'Celebrity' zines and much more.

To start off with here is a call for sumbissions.
I'm putting together a zine about PCOS and looking for contributions. Anything will do - personal accounts, advice, diagnosis and misdiagnosis, drawings, rants, helpful tips, rubbish doctors/good doctors, anything at all. Please forward to anyone you know who might want to contribute. You can send me stuff at


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