Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Salford zine fair presents PRINTOMANIA!!!!!

We shall be selling our wares at Printomania, screw the arndale, this is where Christmas shopping should be done!!!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

All I Want For Christmas....

So it's almost Christmas, the time where I get excited and stressed in equal measures, mainly because I decide I'm not going to buy people gifts, I'm going to make them, this usually happens a far too near Christmas.
So if you too, like me realise you haven't left enough time for all these grand crafting plans, then check out this list of awesome gifts....

For your cat loving pal:
Let's be honest, cats faces appear on pretty much anything, but what your feline loving friend really wants is this ace Bandit cushion by Knit And Destroy.

For your bookworm bessie:
If your friend already has a load of books and you don't know what to get, how about a bag to carry all their books?! Try this tote from Manchester based Mr.PS.

John Waters once said a book is the best gift and "If you go home with somebody and they don't have any books, don't F*#! 'em" and he knows what he's talking about so if you do want to buy a book, I recommend this one, Bare Essentials The Best Of Nude Magazine. Now Nude is one of my favourite magazines and I discovered some of my favourite artists through Nude!

For the filthy friend:
Speaking of John Waters, if you too have a load of bad taste buddies, then they will definitely appreciate this badge set from Bunny Bissoux.

For the retro rebel:
What to get for the pin-up pretty who loves a good tattoo or two? Well this sticker pack from glamour puss Sunny Buick should do the trick, inspired by her own tattoo flash, these stickers will look good anywhere!

For the getbusy gyal:
Keep you skater pal warm on the street this winter with these gloves from getbusystore, with the option for the twee mitten style or Frank Iero fingerless!

For the soul sister:
Do you sometimes wish you and your bff could be twins because you're so alike you feel like you are? Well the get this beautiful locket from The Black Apple and feel like soul sisters!

For the crafty friend:
That's right you guessed it, that friend wants The State Of Craft book, featuring Kandy and myself and a host of many more.
They also most definitely want something from the Sugar Paper Shop!!

For the friend who's life needs saving:
Then all they need is to watch My So-Called Life. Angela Chase and friends know what it's like to have a zit, have unrequited love, be unsure, not fit in, hate your parents and have Julian Hatfield follow you round, just like you! Get this and your friend will eternally be grateful. can be watched time and time again, year after year and bonding sessions dying your hair crimson glow and weeping at the Christmas special will always bring you and your pal closer!

All Kandy wants for Christmas is a ticket to the HP studios, all I want is some dapper tap shoes and to listen to this on repeat.....

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Sugar Paper #8 OUT NOW

Yes Sugar Paper #8 is available now.
One of things we show you how to make is a cape like this.....
also includes Taxidermy bird, knitted slippers, cross stitch calender, recipes, puzzle and a free peg to make a peg doll AND MUCH MORE.

Monday, 14 November 2011

SP#8 gone to the printers

Yes Sugar Paper # 8 is off to the printers, it seems like we've been making it FOREVER, we've been very laid back about this one and next thing you know it's mid November, anyway here's a sneak peek....
This is the lino print cover made for us by Bryony Jackson, and inside sees the likes of taxidermy, tasty cookie recipe, knitted slippers, peg doll, puzzle and MUCH MORE!!!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Bust Craftacular

So we gave it a miss last year, but this year sees the return of Sugar Paper at The Bust Craftacular and this time its Knit And Destroy vs Sugar Paper!
yes come down and see Kandy's knits and our zines, sat next in to each other, mixed with whatever zines of my own I manage to print.
York hall, Bethnal Green London. November 27th 12-6.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


So we're all aware of the Le Tigre song Hot Topic right? If not I'm talking about this...
So I'm sure we all say we know who everyone who is name checked in that song (admit it, I will, after I went to a Carolee Schneeman And Eleanor Antin when I was in my mid teens, I thought I was the SHIT in reality you'd usually find me on the dance floor shouting ARIEL SCHRAG and THE BUTCHIES MAN and miming the rest.)

So imagine my delight when ,my all round awesome pal Leesey made this zine.
It's a brief run down of all those name checked in the song hot topic!! all set amongst colourful paper with illustrations. It made me want to check out every name on the list (something I told myself I would start ten years ago, I'm halfway there!)
I'd also like to take the time out to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Leesey, she is celebrating a big birthday this Wednesday (you never reveal a ladies age, but let's Say Frank Iero just celebrated this age MCR fans!)
She would most definitely be on my Hot Topic list.....
*apologies if you hoped this post was aboput every teen american pop punk emo's favourite store Hot Topic!

Monday, 7 November 2011


So Kandy aren't so much babes, we're too lazy for that, we might get our glam on like twice a year. But my friend Jennie is a consistent glamour puss, she also has proper good nails. Where as Kandy and I have crafters nails (short, thin, broken off, flaky) so we probably won't try this out, but when Jennie showed me this I was in awe, one of my favourite things to make and do (we featured it in Sugar Paper #6.
I present Marbling your nails!!!!!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Hood Pattern For Cape.

So you have yourself a copy of Sugar Paper #8 and made yourself an awesome cape, but the winter nights have drawn in, or you just really like head wear and you want a hood on your cape.
Follow this simple pattern!

There are complex ways of making the perfect hood, but we haven't got time for that, so here is the simple version.
You will need:
-fabric the same as your cape
-lining (optional)
-tailors chalk and pins
-needle and thread (sewing machine)
-a hooded garment
-tape measure
1- First off, take your cape and fold it in half (so the opening is the front and back has the fold), now measure the neckline. Make a note of this.
2- Take your hooded garment and fold in half the same way. Now place on top of your fabric. Draw round the hood with the tailors chalk. Remove garment.
3- Measure the distance of the neckline of your drawn on hood pattern, adjust so it is the same length of the neckline of your cape (remember it is just a half measurement).
4- Cut out the pattern leaving a couple of cms form the line for seam allowance. Place face side down on the fabric and cut another piece (repeat with lining if hood is to be lined.
5- Stitch the two hood pieces together (right sides together) with running stitch, turn out and hem the front of the hood.
6- if adding a lining, stitch the lining pieces together, then pin, right sides together the hood and the lining and stitch around the hood the front of the hood.
7- Now to attach to the hood to the cape. Pin the bottom edge of the hood along the neckline of the cape (so the raw edges are facing in. and stitch together with running stitch, then over stitch the edges to keep from fraying.
Now your hooded cape is ready to wear!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

State Of Craft... is here!!

So, I got my copy of State Of Craft this weekend and in between Halloween fun and my brother's birthday I've had a quick read and it RAD!!

So you think I might be biased as both Kandy and I have projects featured in it, but I'm not. It's a good craft book, with well written how to's (all explained with a few cheap jokes and puns, Sugar Paper's favourite way to explain something!) of your basics like knitting, sewing, crochet and more. With over 60 projects to do ranging from knitted ones to woodwork, sewing to decoupage, then there's some interviews with some of indie crafts finest if you feel like picking the book up but not making!
And to top it off, it's a nice handy size!