Tuesday, 22 November 2011

All I Want For Christmas....

So it's almost Christmas, the time where I get excited and stressed in equal measures, mainly because I decide I'm not going to buy people gifts, I'm going to make them, this usually happens a far too near Christmas.
So if you too, like me realise you haven't left enough time for all these grand crafting plans, then check out this list of awesome gifts....

For your cat loving pal:
Let's be honest, cats faces appear on pretty much anything, but what your feline loving friend really wants is this ace Bandit cushion by Knit And Destroy.

For your bookworm bessie:
If your friend already has a load of books and you don't know what to get, how about a bag to carry all their books?! Try this tote from Manchester based Mr.PS.

John Waters once said a book is the best gift and "If you go home with somebody and they don't have any books, don't F*#! 'em" and he knows what he's talking about so if you do want to buy a book, I recommend this one, Bare Essentials The Best Of Nude Magazine. Now Nude is one of my favourite magazines and I discovered some of my favourite artists through Nude!

For the filthy friend:
Speaking of John Waters, if you too have a load of bad taste buddies, then they will definitely appreciate this badge set from Bunny Bissoux.

For the retro rebel:
What to get for the pin-up pretty who loves a good tattoo or two? Well this sticker pack from glamour puss Sunny Buick should do the trick, inspired by her own tattoo flash, these stickers will look good anywhere!

For the getbusy gyal:
Keep you skater pal warm on the street this winter with these gloves from getbusystore, with the option for the twee mitten style or Frank Iero fingerless!

For the soul sister:
Do you sometimes wish you and your bff could be twins because you're so alike you feel like you are? Well the get this beautiful locket from The Black Apple and feel like soul sisters!

For the crafty friend:
That's right you guessed it, that friend wants The State Of Craft book, featuring Kandy and myself and a host of many more.
They also most definitely want something from the Sugar Paper Shop!!

For the friend who's life needs saving:
Then all they need is to watch My So-Called Life. Angela Chase and friends know what it's like to have a zit, have unrequited love, be unsure, not fit in, hate your parents and have Julian Hatfield follow you round, just like you! Get this and your friend will eternally be grateful. can be watched time and time again, year after year and bonding sessions dying your hair crimson glow and weeping at the Christmas special will always bring you and your pal closer!

All Kandy wants for Christmas is a ticket to the HP studios, all I want is some dapper tap shoes and to listen to this on repeat.....

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