Tuesday, 29 December 2009

we are a pair of sassy minx!

I am pretty naff at writing end of year lists (I am not a current kinda gal and forget when things occurred, thinking last year is actually last month) but I gave it a go as did Kandy for the Wonderful Lisa Clark, check
us out!

Anti Christmas puds

(You could see this as a little late or extremely early), it's the festive season, so it means I must have knocked out a batch of....To make this chocolicious cakes you will need:
- 6oz/175g margarine
-6oz/175g caster sugar
-6oz/175g self raising flour
-3 eggs
-2oz/50g cocoa
-bag of choc chips
-bar of white chocolate
-red and green writing icing
Light the oven at gas mark 4/180.
Mix the sugar and margarine together (add a pinch of slat) until well creamed.
Mix in the flour and eggs, beat until light and fluffy. Stir in the cocoa and mix well.
Add the choc chips. Mix again and spoon into brown bun cases.
Bake for 20-25, take out the oven and leave to cool.
Melt the white chocolate and pour a spoonful on top of each cake.
Leave to set and then using the writing icing draw on holly and berries.
Then eat and enjoy, with not a bit of dried fruit in sight!

Sunday, 27 December 2009

This is...

Em Ledger, she's reet good. This is her in Diva magazine talking about the important thing in life (Katie & Peter). She was instrumental in bringing the Sister Spit tour to the UK.
Anyway, the other week (probably month now!) sat in a Donny boozer she asks about something I hope everyone would have forgotten, the fact that at the start of 2009 I made an extremely bold statement, nothing new for me, but this one was a,little silly.
The statement that I would be making 12 zines in one year! I managed like 4 actual zines and probably 3 and 1/2 almost zines. For the most part of 2009 I have been unemployed, which means I have had a lot of time to fanny about making zines, this also meant I couldn't afford to get them printed. So when I did eventually get a job, I have had hardly any time to sit and make zines.
I sat and thought about it, and felt a little like a failure, not even half of what I promised. I then remembered it's 2010 next year, a WHOLE NEW decade, a decade since I started making zines and you know what, I probably have only just made 12 in that decade!!

In fact let's have a brief round-up of the zines I have made....

THE DAY BOB 1-3: this was I think my first zine, I co-wrote the first 1 or 2 with Holly, the third was awful, full of teenage writings, I think (and hope) only 3 people read this.

DOLL ZINE: this was beyond terrible, came with a free story tape, thankfully only Holly read this.

then came a selection of terrible mini zines that again probably only myself and Holly read!

KANDI AND THE CASIO KIDS 1: An A4 affair, I don't really like A4 zines, I even interviewed my band mate of my non existent band! Number 2 sits upstairs in a drawer 3/4 finished, which is sad as no one will ever get to read my theory that PJ Harvey predicted 9/11 with her Mercury award winning (won on 9/11!!) album Stories From The City....

Think Holly made a Radical Cheerleaders zine, don't know if I contributed to this. I then realised my writing pretty much sucks and think I'm too old for zines.

DOTTIE AND CLARA 1-2:perfect excuse to get back zining was making one for the then fashion label I was 50% of. I got to interview my friends in bands and bang on about the stuff I always bang on about.

CANDY POP SHOP 1-2: I made two mini zines for my sweet shop, the fist one came with a mix tape with sweet related songs, the second one saw me trying to make friends with all the 15 yr old EMOs by reviewing three Panic At The Disco shows!

SUGAR PAPER 1-4 & SEASONAL: So far my longest running zine series, this is made by Kandy and I, we have made four 20 things to make and do and one seasonal 10 things to make and do, this blog is the offspring off that zine, I like this one, I reckon this one could be made into a book!

EMO ZINE (A RIOT GRRRLS GUIDE TO EMO): again an attempt to befriend all the customers in my shop, I was also trying to teach them the way of the zines by selling them in my shop. This my talking about the three waves of EMO and how I love EMO bands, I was also trying to teach the kids about liking awesome grrrls, sadly I think just my loser EMO twenty something friends read it WIN!

LA AIN'T NO GREAT PLACE TO BE: and edgy zines named after a Help She Can't Swim b-side, this was a handwritten zine about my four week and two day trip along the west coast, it's mainly about what I cooked for tea and living on Sleater-Kinney road. apparently hard to read because I write badly.

BREAKING DOWN: this is a novellazine, this is me going stir crazy being a jobless fool who got sucked into the Twilight saga and then re-writing the third book, as you do!

Sunday, 20 December 2009


I've just been out for works rinks, there's two inches of snow (strange and exciting for an urban dweller even saw snowman) got told Brittany Murphey died, I don't want to think about too sad.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Nickie Pixx

This is me with my pal Nickie. Nickie takes dead good photos, which is great because she visually documents my amazing life!
She ha a new website so you can see her pictures that aren't just ones of me that I put up here, nakanickie

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Hello world I'm your wild girl...

I know I said I wouldn't mention the T word til at least twenty-ten, but with a certain star of the T word starring in a new film next spring, I can't help but wonder if this means lots of young girls will get into The Runaways, I hope so.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

I heart Wilkos

I don't think I could be friends with anyone who didn't like Wilkinsons, I mean it's great, your in a jam and need something quick, anything, pop over to Wilkos and you know they will have it AND at a reasonable price.
My love for Wilkos doubled today when I saw they had the same crafty minds as us here at Sugar Paper.
I did think about stealing these ideas for the next zine, but then I didn't want bad Wilkos Karma, so here is what I found today:

Monday, 14 December 2009

song with a crafty sounding title...

Because as much as I pretend the band who I fell in love with at age 11, don't really do it for me anymore, I was a little sad I was in London this weekend when they were in Manchester, le sigh:

Monday, 7 December 2009

I know....

I said no more Twilight related posts until like 2010, but I forgot about this picture the other day.
It's a nice bit of spot the difference:
Also, I made emo top trumps last year, a few months later Rocksound made some, I made Twilight top trumps the other week, NOW Sugar magazine has made them, god I am such a trendsetter!

Saturday, 5 December 2009

BUSTa rhymes!

We both attended Bust's summer craftacular, it was a ton-o-fun and do you know what we both said afterwards? We said:

So you can imagine how happy we were when this was announced:
I shall be there with my wares dancing to the tunes Sarah Killing Fantasy will be spinning, Kandy will be there knitting up a giant knitted paper chain, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN, be there or be square.

PS I heart this vid!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


OK, so I promise this is the last time I write a Twilight heavy blog (well until at least next year!). I'm not sure what happened or when it did, the turning point, the point I thought it was OK to be 25 and writing Twilight fan fic, the point when looking at the pile of stuff on your bed and noticing it has a particular theme,
exhibit A:
I know my trip to America somewhat fueled it, me and Nickie deciding it to definitely be or new thing to get obsessed over,
exhibit Bexhibit C:
(I still don't know why we didn't take advantage of all that merch FOOLS!).
OK so anyway as you may have heard "Twilight 2" came out the other week, me and a bunch of other 20somethingfeministswhoshouldknowbetter got tickets for a midnight showing, now just going to the cinema at midnight is exciting enough. A little too exciting for me and I got carried away, making Twilight Top Trumps, vxgxn Twilight gingerbreads and special tees for Kandy,
exhibit D:
I think I was so excited I couldn't really remember what the film was like, so I went to see it the next day. I have seen it three times in total, and must say it's a complete lolfest.
I will admit it's not as exciting as the trailer, that made me wet my pants, but I still enjoyed it.
Buffed Jacob made me feel a little ill, not keen on the Cullen's new contacts and why did it seem that everyone was on screen for a total of 1minute?!
I quite liked the 'months' scene, thought the Bella/Jacob rain scene lasted too long and that the Alice jumping over the stairwell scene is the worst thing in film history. Volturi not scary enough, more Edward in his grey tee less of the old man suit, Carlisle been down Next for his dad outfits?
And so the big question, are you Team Edward, or Team Jacob? well seeing as I am incredibly shallow, I decide teams based on who I fancy, so that's Team Edward, plus I'm a sucker for a boy full of woe. But in all honesty I probs would tell Eddie to MTFU. Jacobs makes me a bit sick, I would totez love to run with the wolves, they have more fun, but Jacob would just want to do me aaaaaall the time, plus I have this thing where I think I am far superior to younger boys.
I think we had a TE switch to a TJ, but mostly Team Charlie.
I am definitely not Team Bella, get a personality, jeez.
And so I come to the end of another pointless (Twilight) post, but I promise this is the end (now there's a link to this blog on the Bust site I wouldn't want a bunch of angryfeminists shouting at me through blogger, imagine!......
Unless i get the Twilight or New Moon board game for Christmas!!

Festive fair funnn

Eh up,
It's official, the festive season is upon us, and for us crafty business types that means Christmas Craft fairs! Sugar Paper started off with our up north market Candy Cane christmas market in Sheffield last weekend.
Seleena at the Sugar Paper stall sporting her Tim Burton christmas look.

And what's that on the stall Sugar Paper 4....and loads of awesome handmade stuff, woo!

As well as Sugar Paper, we took Knit and Destroy, check out the new festive wears..who doesn't need a knitted bow-tie?!

Our next crafty event is the BUST craftacular in London, more info soon.