Monday, 29 March 2010


So this weekend I went to The Big Smoke. Me in London is a lot like this:

So you can imagine my frustration when I smugly took myself off to this place:

This is The Museum Of Childhood, that upon my arrival had a laminated A4 sign, that said' closed today due to local water shortage'. WHAT EVEN IS THAT, it isn't an excuse.
Luckily the rest of my weekend was fun fun FUN. Especially Finally getting to see this:

Currently thinking how I can get the skunk look!

Sunday, 21 March 2010


Despite the fact that when I drunk these beers in Hamerica last year, I got severe trapped wind, I would totally rock these jumpers!


I'm sitting here getting excited about buying New Moon on DVD tomorrow, deciding whether to buy the special edition 3D cover. The last time I bought something with one of those scratchy 3D covers was East 17's Up All Night, good times.
I was thinking about how much I love stuff in 3D, so much so I dressed as a 3D lady for Halloween and we made our Sugar Paper #3 cover 3D (with how to make a 3D picture and glasses inside):
Now 3D is all the rage at the cinema (I have yet to see Tim Burton's Alice... I am unsure if I want to). I saw Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D, I must admit I am not a big fan of all this 3D cinema business, I mean if everyone in the cinema looked like the picture above I would be all over it like a bad rash.
I want to attempt to make 3D crafts. I'm sure if you got some green/red yarn and knitted it, it would give a slight 3D impression. I cannot knit so will have to think about other ways to make this happen, perhaps double stitching with red/green thread?! for now I will start with a pom pom and see what that looks like.....
Right after I have watched the New Moon extras!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Letter From Me To....

STOP THE PRESS!!!!I made a (ridiculously short) zine, where I write letters to celebrities. Number one sees me writing to Courtney Love, Jared Leto, Fearne Cotton, Robert Pattinson, Brendon Urie and a couple of others.
It's alright.
ALSO, did anyone see that Coronation Street Jeremy Kyle mash up yesterday?!? HA!

Monday, 15 March 2010

I want to be a mascot!

This weekend in work was spent with what I think may possibly be my future career. On Saturday I wore a giant leprechaun outfit and waved to passers by, had my photo taken and made 98% of children so excited they couldn't contain themselves!
On Sunday I walked round Town flyering in something that looked a lot like this:

I think I found my calling in life, to be a mascot.
Anonymity via giant furry things is now my favourite thing EVER!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mother's day PT II

Dear Mum,
Thank you for teaching me many things, but most of all teaching me to bake, cook and sew, also for trying to teach me how to knit, even though this was never a success.
Thank you for then, after I applied said skills you taught me, pretending that the mountain of crap I have made you since then for every possible occasion (and sometimes without occasion) is actually good, some of it was, most of it wasn't.
May I continue to make useless tat for you for years to come!
love Seleena

(I wanted to have a picture of just some of the tat I have made my mother, but my camera is dead!)

Happy Mother's Day PT. I

I have been putting of entering a card shop and purchasing a mother's day card for the past few days, I cannot handle that many people all trying to buy the same thing, so I thought I'll do what I normally do and make one. However last night at around 11pm I realised I hadn't actually made one, I whipped one up, that was uninspired and frankly not my best. This morning I found this lurking in my wrapping paper box, if only I had made this, totally would have gotten me some Brownie points, oh Wilkos you are good!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Red Velour, more like!

So Kandy and I have been making new things this past week. I had my first attempt at falafel, which tasted OK, but took about a million years to make, I was too cooked out to take a picture of it!
Kandy made some sushi, that she scoffed down before any photographic evidence could be taken.
We both attempted Hummingbird Bakery's Red Velvet cupcakes. Kandy use all the correct ingredients, but said they were nothing to right home about. I used the incorrect ingredients. It seems Harpurhey doesn't have much call for buttermilk, so I substituted that with sour cream. Kandy recommend me not using white wine vinegar, as her oven stunk when she opened it (I have an irrational fear of vinegar based condiments!) plus I don't believe in this plain flour bi-carb business, so I just used self raising flour.
This was the result:
They tasted nice, but that was due to the cream cheese frosting, they weren't as light as the ones from the bakery, but I tried!
It was also my first attempt at making small cat toys this week, I made a Mighty Boosh one for Carly's cat Oscar, and a Twilight themed one for my Ned, he ran off with that before I could take a photo:
And last, but by no means least, I made my first ever Snowball, prompted by the fact there isn't any demand for those in Harpurhey either (are they a seasonal thing?). I love novelty booze!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Fancy Dress

For those who are not aware, I have been working in a fancy dress shop for the past six months, selling their wares, fixing and altering stuff and often knocking out the odd thing or two. Now anyone else that knows me will know I love dressing in fancy dress, and more often than not don't even need an occasion, god I'm so kerazzzzzzzzzzzzzy!
Anyway, A month ago I had to alter a large men's Freddie Mercury outfit to fit a young boy, I was all oh it might be a bit big, but his Gran said, just see what you can do, Freddie is his hero.
Anyway i altered it and a few weeks ago, the lady called in to tell me how pleased she was with what I did (and the whole staff in general) she did refer to me as the little foreign girl (bless her) which has given me a new work nickname! She brought a photo in after that, but I wasn't in, so she came back the next day with a few more to show me other photos, it was well sweet. I am glad a little bit of stitching could make someone so happy, plus know he gets to grow into the outfit and keep it FOREVER! And this is me in a cape I made:
And Nickie in a shirt I customised for her:

Monday, 1 March 2010


HEIGHT: 5 3"