Sunday, 21 March 2010


I'm sitting here getting excited about buying New Moon on DVD tomorrow, deciding whether to buy the special edition 3D cover. The last time I bought something with one of those scratchy 3D covers was East 17's Up All Night, good times.
I was thinking about how much I love stuff in 3D, so much so I dressed as a 3D lady for Halloween and we made our Sugar Paper #3 cover 3D (with how to make a 3D picture and glasses inside):
Now 3D is all the rage at the cinema (I have yet to see Tim Burton's Alice... I am unsure if I want to). I saw Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D, I must admit I am not a big fan of all this 3D cinema business, I mean if everyone in the cinema looked like the picture above I would be all over it like a bad rash.
I want to attempt to make 3D crafts. I'm sure if you got some green/red yarn and knitted it, it would give a slight 3D impression. I cannot knit so will have to think about other ways to make this happen, perhaps double stitching with red/green thread?! for now I will start with a pom pom and see what that looks like.....
Right after I have watched the New Moon extras!

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