Thursday, 11 March 2010

Red Velour, more like!

So Kandy and I have been making new things this past week. I had my first attempt at falafel, which tasted OK, but took about a million years to make, I was too cooked out to take a picture of it!
Kandy made some sushi, that she scoffed down before any photographic evidence could be taken.
We both attempted Hummingbird Bakery's Red Velvet cupcakes. Kandy use all the correct ingredients, but said they were nothing to right home about. I used the incorrect ingredients. It seems Harpurhey doesn't have much call for buttermilk, so I substituted that with sour cream. Kandy recommend me not using white wine vinegar, as her oven stunk when she opened it (I have an irrational fear of vinegar based condiments!) plus I don't believe in this plain flour bi-carb business, so I just used self raising flour.
This was the result:
They tasted nice, but that was due to the cream cheese frosting, they weren't as light as the ones from the bakery, but I tried!
It was also my first attempt at making small cat toys this week, I made a Mighty Boosh one for Carly's cat Oscar, and a Twilight themed one for my Ned, he ran off with that before I could take a photo:
And last, but by no means least, I made my first ever Snowball, prompted by the fact there isn't any demand for those in Harpurhey either (are they a seasonal thing?). I love novelty booze!


nakanickie said...

can't believe i only had one of those bad boys. i think we were just too tired to drink, TBH. i want a hundred now. TBS.x

Sugar Paperette said...

I'm drinking one right now, te lemonade has gone flat though!