Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Alison Erika Forde: The Tallest of Tales

So last weekend saw the opening of the ever awesome Alison Erika Forde's latest show at Manchester Art Gallery!

We missed the big day as we were at Indietracks festival, but I got went as soon as I got back.
I passed by on my way to work yesterday and shall be going back again tomorrow and next week and probably every week after that until it ends!!!

I love Alison's work and not just because she is one of my best buds, but because it's awesome. This show is no let down, from the amazing paintings the bright sickly yellow wall, the shrooms, the cardboard hut to the totem, the giant doll and fancy lamp.


more information HERE

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Monthly mix

So this month saw the 12th birthday of my cat Ned! We love cats, who doesn't (fools that's who!!) and it is totally kitten season right now, so what better what to celebrate all this than with a bedroom dance cat party!!

Thursday, 18 July 2013


So this year we are heading to Indietracks again!!
We're super excited (and despite me not enjoying this weather, I'm hoping it doesn't rain next weekend!)

We're holding workshops again, this time separate ones.

I am holding a Radical Cheerleading one

You basically get to jump and shout and wave bits of plastic around and have fun. Holly wrote more about it HERE.

And Kandy is having a pom pom pets one!

Who doesn't like making pom poms, and then to make them look like animals, WIN WIN!!

Also check out the felting workshop by the ever lovely Melanie and Amy. And I hear there is a Lego workshop, I'm gonna be loving it!!

AND the best thing ever is HELEN LOVE is playing YEAH MATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

10 things I love about zines....

10 things I hate LOVE about you poem

I love the way you talk to me,

and the way you're cut and paste

I love the way you drive me to do more, 

and want to make one of you in haste.

I love your Drew Barrymore collages

and the way you read my mind.

I love you so much it makes me sick,

it even makes me rhyme.

I love the way you make me want to write.

and sometimes even draw.

I love it when you make me laugh,

 when you make me cry, even more.

I love how you can be about anything

 something serious or something fun.

But mostly I love the way I LOVE you,

not even smidge…

not even a little bit…

but a FUCK TONNE!!
So I was speaking to Kandy about doing something on the blog for International zine month and she said you should do 1o things I love about zines, but use the 10 things I hate about you logo or a still and adjust it on paint (anything for a cheap laugh us!) So I did that and went one further, I adjusted Kat's poem too!
here is the original....

Kat's cool, she likes Bikini Kill!! 

WE WANT YOU.... send us photos of the things you've made!!

Yes, if you have ever bought one of our zines and made something from the pages, or made something inspired by our to-do's, then send us your photos so we can put them up here!

send them to


Monday, 1 July 2013

Knit and Destroy... get's handy! Book launch

That's right, July is gonna be full of fun stuff, including the release of Kandy's hand knit pattern book!

Here is all the info:

This is the official launch party for the new hand-knit pattern book 'Knit and Destroy...gets handy!'

Come along and be the first to get your hands on this exciting new knitting book, you can also:

Meet the author...she might even sign your book if you're nice!

Sit'n'knit: there will be a comfy knitting area with materials provided to sit 'n' knit one of the small brooches from the pattern book, or you can bring yr own knitting!

Have a cuppa; yes, there will be tea! It is a knitting book after all.

Pick up the exclusive 'bonus pattern'

Day: Thursday 11th July
Time: 7pm-10pm
Place: Nexus art café, Manchester