Sunday, 31 May 2009

A Manchester park review

I realised that in the past week I have been to three parks in Manchester (woohoo sunshine). here is my review of them:
Boggart Hole Clough: I went here last Sunday. It is in fact just at the end of my street, I'd say a one minute walk away. I often think 'why do you not come here more often' then all the comments from annoying teens, men and general local folk tell, remind me. It is dead good though, ducks in a pond, swings, running track shitty streams! We found a good tree to climb and did gymnastics on the grass, Win.
One of my school buildings was in the clough til they knocked it down, too many flashers (was an all girls school).
Platt Fields:

I went here just yesterday. it was well sunny, Alison and me stopped off at Lidl to get you know picnic type stuff.We got there and ate and sunned ourselves, then went for a wander round the pond, sat at a bench, filled in application form then looked at the fair. wanted to buy some candyfloss then i remembered I have a candy floss maker at home, ha!

my dad lives across the road from here, I didn't knock on though, I've only ever been to his flat once.too many wacky bastard students, or just students in general here.

Fletcher Moss:

went here today. I used to come here all the time, cuz Elish he lived across the road when I lived in Miles Platting, well her grandad or someone used to garden here. I like it cuz it has a nice rocky garden with like turtles and stuff in and GIANT leaves. Just a bit full of twenty something office workers who think they're good cuz M&S food is their local supermarket (they have an Aldi but it's hidden behind some trees!).

We did find a tiny man made waterfall we stuck our toes in , that excited us. I had awful hayfever though, can't really blame that on the park.

I need to visit Heaton park again soon as I haven't been there in forevs and it's not far from me.

In other news, I always thought Flawless were better than Diversity (with their poor mans MCR outfits and stupid mop head kid) but at least Stavros Flatly didn't win (I'm obvs just bitter cuz Brit Dix weren't in the final.)

that Aiden kid dicks on George riddler face Sampson too, but I suppose him winning last year means I don't get annoyed at him blocking up Market street every Saturday.


Friday, 29 May 2009


I sit here typing this when I should be getting sweaty dancing to goxxip, booo. I did dance to them in my bedroom for half an hour and I was sweaty before, after riding my bike home from work, so it's almost there.

anyways, yes, after I realised my love for velvet art never left me and not getting a chance to see the velvet art museum in Portland, Alison and I have decided to hold a velvet art exhibition!

we want yr coloured in art, or just some awesome uncoloured art we can colour in (pound shops are getting thin on the stock, pfft).

And get excited for Sugar Paper #4 (probably out in a couple of months) as my velvet art love spans there too, with a make yr own flocked art guide, oh yes!

it's sunny, I'm going outside to read (after BGT obvs!)


Thursday, 28 May 2009

I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed...


and/or this:

but I only use Jones machines, so you know I will have to live without!

craft club coming soon, watch this space!


Tuesday, 26 May 2009

party rings and things...

this weekend I made this (mid) giant party ring style biscuits. They taste like biscuits you get a school though. Also the yellow icing was too amber.

I also sunned myself on Heysham Beach, climbed trees and had a picnic, how twee. bank holidays confirm that I never ever want a real job, heck any job, I am lazy, the west coast made me this way.

I also witnessed these two bands (live and on TV). one of them made me ache to be in a band, the other made me ache from embarrassment. You guess which:

(ps Jennifer and Jessie are awesomely nice as well as awesomely cool)

Friday, 22 May 2009

Things I need to make and do...

I'm making a list here as I finding it hard to make a list using pen and paper, I've still got laid back West Coast air inside me.
-take in (((grrrls))) tee
-finish alterations for Sean & Camilla
-make 3-4 tapes
-that darn gift for Nick from Christmas '08 (shocking)
-zines, lots (boo)
-take Katie's cake tin back
-obtain velvet art
-colour in said velvet art
-give my holiday snaps a home
-clear sewing desk that's needed clearing since January
-sort band practice
-dance around my room to Mika Miko before Sunday
-stop burning flap jack (how lame)
-send zines off to Denmark (or wherever it was/is)
-make clothes for Alison with American fabric
-earn some money!!
-make my sister a birthday present. she is 30, tomorrow,eeek
If I was a The Smiths fan I could have sung a The Smiths song down the phone to her with new lyrics about her sharing her birthday with Mozza. I'm not, so... I am half the age of Mozza now which makes me 386 days too old for a three year young persons railcard.
hate my life.

Monday, 18 May 2009

boo tube....

so it seems you tube have gotten rid of all the Kenickie vids (and all the other stuff I like to watch), so I'm going to have to do something productive tonight instead, like make tapes, or something. maybe for these guys:

Marie makes me want to wear BIG flowers in my hair.

and I did find this, just me hanging out with my bff Lauren!


Saturday, 16 May 2009

today I got told about this.....

everyone has probably already seen it, as I am slow off the mark with things like this, but it made me feel better about my one wreck cake:

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

I made a rodtrip zine (2outta12)...

so I made a zine to go with my USA west coast trip. It's hand written and a bit naff, but it features all the meals I ate on my trip! watch out for my roadtrip zine part deux.

this is officially 2 0f my 12 zines to make this year!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

I made a roadtrip!!!

I cruised America yeah! zines to follow.