Friday, 22 May 2009

Things I need to make and do...

I'm making a list here as I finding it hard to make a list using pen and paper, I've still got laid back West Coast air inside me.
-take in (((grrrls))) tee
-finish alterations for Sean & Camilla
-make 3-4 tapes
-that darn gift for Nick from Christmas '08 (shocking)
-zines, lots (boo)
-take Katie's cake tin back
-obtain velvet art
-colour in said velvet art
-give my holiday snaps a home
-clear sewing desk that's needed clearing since January
-sort band practice
-dance around my room to Mika Miko before Sunday
-stop burning flap jack (how lame)
-send zines off to Denmark (or wherever it was/is)
-make clothes for Alison with American fabric
-earn some money!!
-make my sister a birthday present. she is 30, tomorrow,eeek
If I was a The Smiths fan I could have sung a The Smiths song down the phone to her with new lyrics about her sharing her birthday with Mozza. I'm not, so... I am half the age of Mozza now which makes me 386 days too old for a three year young persons railcard.
hate my life.

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