Friday, 29 May 2009


I sit here typing this when I should be getting sweaty dancing to goxxip, booo. I did dance to them in my bedroom for half an hour and I was sweaty before, after riding my bike home from work, so it's almost there.

anyways, yes, after I realised my love for velvet art never left me and not getting a chance to see the velvet art museum in Portland, Alison and I have decided to hold a velvet art exhibition!

we want yr coloured in art, or just some awesome uncoloured art we can colour in (pound shops are getting thin on the stock, pfft).

And get excited for Sugar Paper #4 (probably out in a couple of months) as my velvet art love spans there too, with a make yr own flocked art guide, oh yes!

it's sunny, I'm going outside to read (after BGT obvs!)


1 comment:

Colouring Outside The Lines said...

Seleena, the shop in Bradford train station I was sure would have velvet art failed on all counts :( Losers