Tuesday, 26 May 2009

party rings and things...

this weekend I made this (mid) giant party ring style biscuits. They taste like biscuits you get a school though. Also the yellow icing was too amber.

I also sunned myself on Heysham Beach, climbed trees and had a picnic, how twee. bank holidays confirm that I never ever want a real job, heck any job, I am lazy, the west coast made me this way.

I also witnessed these two bands (live and on TV). one of them made me ache to be in a band, the other made me ache from embarrassment. You guess which:

(ps Jennifer and Jessie are awesomely nice as well as awesomely cool)

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Knit and Destroy said...

When did you make giant party rings?! They're amaaazing, we want to eat them. x