Saturday, 7 January 2017

My Year in Lists...Seleena....

As I emerge from the fiery pits of 2016 (aka Retail at Christmas) I'm going to remember some parts of 2016 fondly with my annual year in lists.
Yes we all now 2016 was a bit of a shit show, politically, generally and personally. I think about how I had my first solo exhibition, but then remember how I left my aunties funeral early to go to my opening. The shittest thing for me this year though was losing my BFF (best furry friend) of 15 years, Ned the cat. He will be missed.
I did some good stuff too though....

-Zines: halfway through the year I panicked that I hadn't made any zines, then I remembered at the start of last year I made a mini zine about reunion gigs. I also (just about managed) two co-make 2 Sugar Papers, No Brown Girl or Poor Lass emerged, but who cares because *Drum Roll please* My infamous Crisp zine emerged!!! Yes I finally (with the help of a bunch of rad folk) made a zine about crisps!
I also got to table at loads of zine fairs and run a workshop or two, plus made my panel debut at an event about zines, I love talking about zines, have me on your panel!!

-Art: So yeah, I had my first solo exhibition and it was rad! I was really pleased with the new work I did for it and wanna take What, Is She Black Now? on the road, let me come to your town!
I had a few argh why am I even doing this moments, and Yiiikes! had a few 'yes great opportunities...sorry no' moments. But I'm surrounded by loads of creative people and I wanna make shit as awesome as they do, so I ain't stopping now.
I'm also approaching my 5th year or maybe it's 6th, of being a volunteer youth arts worker.

-Music: So I formed a Clueless Concept pop band with Sugar Papers better half Kandy. We made some songs, matching outfits, a tape (A TAPE) and a ridiculous amount of merch. We played some gigs and went on another summer tour with THEE BEST PEOPLE!! and honestly summer tour is the best time I have all year, hanging out with a bunch of the best humans, eating hash browns, going to new places, seeing more of the best humans along the way. SWOON!

-Friends: As usual I wish I spent more time hanging out with friends but when you get older it gets harder (see: you just wanna stay home and be tired in comfort) I got inspired and supported and had a great time with my friends, I even got to see two of them bring tiny badass humans into the world.

For 2017 I hope to not hoard as much, be more honest, learn new crafts (hello needle felting) do more with my love of tap dancing, make zines and art (obvs) and hang out with more tiny humans!

Here's my photo of the year....

Saturday, 19 November 2016

All I want for Christmas....

It's OK guys, 2016 is almost over!! Not long now! YOU CAN DO IT!

2017 may be a bit of a toughy too, but at least we'll see it coming, and so make sure you and your loved ones have these ultimate survival items....

Witchcraft may be the only thing that saves us, so decorate your spell book with these  Tiny Hexes stickers by super awesome illustrator/comic book artist Jack Fallows. They also do commission portraits too so you know!
Tiny Hexes 9x Sticker Set for Witches On the Go

Help out in your local community, give a hand to those in need, but also take care of your self. A helpful reminder is this risograph Stay Cosy art print from talented megababe Kathleen.
Sometimes you gotta Stay Cosy.
Stay Cosy - three-colour A3 risograph print

Give yourself distraction and learn something new. Learn to knit and then you can definitely stay cosy.
Our kandy got herself a swish new studio and is now doing knitting machine workshops from there. Book in!

Racism is rife, but it's probably gonna get rifer. This year I made a piece that was a series of patches on a sash and I called it Brownies, The Chufty Badge Pack. The patches featured all of the silly stuff white people say to me. I got it made into an A3 art print. Get one, hang it on your walls, or cut it out and wear it to repel racist idiots and their stupid questions.
Brownies, The Chufty Badge Pack - Art Print

Yes, support women writers with The Chapess zine collection book, Gut Flora. 200 pages of written, illustrated and photographs by women. Synchronise Witches Press who made the book also do badges and totes that say 'Support Women Writers' on them.
gut flora

Just wait for ET to come back for his supply of Reeses Pieces and get him to take you back home with him. Get this 'I Want To Leave' T-shirts by Danny Brito to let the aliens know you wanna leave.
i want to leave | alien t-shirt | ufo alien t shirt | UNISEX s m l xl xxl

Idiots aren't just racist, they're sexist, transphobic and homophobic too. Make sure you repel them extra with this T-shirt by Rudy Lowe.
None of Your Business T-Shirt - SMALL

The world is full of people who want to stand up for you and tell your story incorrectly, especially if your working class. Let it be known your's proud of your class and can speak for yourself with these badges and patch.

Survival is pretty much guaranteed easier in a pack, so seek out your gang to help you get through it. These Anxious Punks pins from Emma Thacker will not only make you look cool but help you connect with other anxious punks.
Image of Anxious Punks Pin

Who knows about an apocalypse better than Buffy? No one! So get your slayer in training mode on with this EP by queer Buffy concept band The Potentials! (also artwork by Tiny hexes sticker maker Jack Fallows)

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Sugar Paper #17 OUT NOW!

The unicorn and rainbow issue!

with vegan ice cream and unicorn bread recipes, friendship bracelets, furry pencil case, scrunchies and crochet yin yang.
With a centre fold comic by Kellie Huskisson.
comes with free stickers.

get your copy HERE!

Monday, 29 August 2016

Sick Sad World Tour

So the reason the new Sugar Paper isn't out yet (despite summer being almost over) is because we have been busy being a Clueless concept band called Whatevers and going on tour with our besties!
We're still recovering (by recovering I mean adjusting to real life and not being a van with a bunch of the best people)

Last year you might remember us going on tour as Yiiikes! for the We Are The Weirdos Mister, tour and this year we headed out on the road again.

I'm not going to write a full post on the tour, you can go and Read Holly Casio's blog for that, but a few highlights and some pictures of what was one of the best weeks....

All being in the same van- having a new fave band in FOMO - Van driver Kathleens' adventures in crafting -Being put up and fed by some right lovely people- getting neck ache dancing to The Potentials Moloch- tour pets- playing for my work fam - Ice Shack in Withington- disco dancing- the Fungalow- making scrunchies cool - van sing alongs- Jack's accents- hash browns- party ring trifle- The Angel of the North- Crumbs- Seeing friends along the way- saladxcore- sunshine- birthdays- photobooths-fun times.....


Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Totally Buggin

Yes that Clueless concept band Kandy and I are in have made a tape!

The EP is called Totally Buggin and features songs about friendship, crushes, being badass, shitty boys, hair and class!!!!

Check us out!

Also we're on tour next week!!!!! Playing all over, details HERE

Friday, 29 July 2016


So, the next issue of Sugar Paper is taking it's time as Kandy and I are busy being the Whatevers (see previous post about our Clueless themed concept band).
We've been making songs, getting merch (all the merch) and planning stuff and now we can't wait to go on tour with mega babes The Potentials and FOMO!

Coming to a town near you, check out this awesome poster by Polly Richards....

And Saffa who did the cover for Sugar Paper #15 did this poster for our Manchester gig, swoon...

We were super lucky too as Ben Cooney drew up this super sweet logo for us YES!

See you in August, we hope not sporadically!