Monday, 29 August 2016

Sick Sad World Tour

So the reason the new Sugar Paper isn't out yet (despite summer being almost over) is because we have been busy being a Clueless concept band called Whatevers and going on tour with our besties!
We're still recovering (by recovering I mean adjusting to real life and not being a van with a bunch of the best people)

Last year you might remember us going on tour as Yiiikes! for the We Are The Weirdos Mister, tour and this year we headed out on the road again.

I'm not going to write a full post on the tour, you can go and Read Holly Casio's blog for that, but a few highlights and some pictures of what was one of the best weeks....

All being in the same van- having a new fave band in FOMO - Van driver Kathleens' adventures in crafting -Being put up and fed by some right lovely people- getting neck ache dancing to The Potentials Moloch- tour pets- playing for my work fam - Ice Shack in Withington- disco dancing- the Fungalow- making scrunchies cool - van sing alongs- Jack's accents- hash browns- party ring trifle- The Angel of the North- Crumbs- Seeing friends along the way- saladxcore- sunshine- birthdays- photobooths-fun times.....


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