Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Yorkshire zine weekender

So Saturday and Sunday saw me table at two zine fairs, and I had a blast!

Saturday saw me make my way to Sheffield (after a semi disastrous morning which involved cat poo and getting a taxi to the station, I Never get taxi's and still going on about the price of it now, ha!)
I got off the train and met the Lovely Cherry Styles (who was on the same train as me, but I missed her cuz I suck) and headed over to the Electric Works.

Set up and got to table next to the ever awesome Melanie Maddison YAY! this coupled with the fact that once I get set down at any sort of fair I generally only get up to go to the toilet and get a brew meant I didn't go to any workshops or owt.

I did do the rounds though and saw some great zines, I also got up to go down the super slide in the Electric Works!

I thought I was packing enough Poor Lass for the whole weekend but almost sold out in Sheffield, I'm so happy people totally get it and love hearing all the awesome feedback about Poor Lass, it's YOU guys that make it what it is.

After the fair was a dash to Leeds, spaghetti and meatballs (thanks Amy) before heading out for a gig where I got to see the rad No Ditching in possibly the smallest venue EVER!

Then I got to stay in Melanie's room that has ALL the best stuff in it, I'm surprised I even went to sleep, too busy looking at everything!

Leeds saw me sharing a table with Melanie, where I managed to squash on all the zines in the world. Holly also came up from that there London for this one, woo! 

Poor Lass sold out early on (sorry to all those that wanted to pick up a copy), I met some faces IRL that I have only seen in cyber space, ate two pieces of totally delicious cakes from That Old Chestnut and managed to stay awake! YAY!

And after it was all done, Holly and I treated our sens to a Nandos!
I haven't managed to have a proper look at the zines I picked up yet, but I had such a great time.
Thanks to the organisers (Chella, Bettie, Footprints printing and everyone else!).

I love zines, but you know what I love more seeing ALL THE BEST NORTHERN FACES in 48hours (West Yorks, South Yorks, north east Manc and other North West) all the best!!

More of that please!

Monday, 10 March 2014

World Warpaint

So a month ago saw us attend the opening for our friend Nickie AKA Pam Van-Damned's latest photography exhibition entitled WORLD WARPAINT at Contact theatre, Manchester.

It features a whole host of people from the world famous- Gene Simmons to the lesser known famous members of Manchester's LGBQT community.
All having one thing in common, they're all wearing make-up or warpaint!

We're obviously going to be all YOU NEED TO SEE THESE as they are photos by one of our besties, but you really should. Giant b/w images of some awesome people captured in an even awesome way!

World Warpaint is on until April 19th, so get down there!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Everything is awesome/I want to be a master bulider

Anyone who reads this blog knows how much I LOVE Lego. And how I spent a large portion of my childhood building wonderful things with my sister.
So when she came to visit last week I decided we had to go and see the Lego Movie.

When I heard this film was coming out I was all, I'm not that bothered (despite the fact I love Lego, did I mention I love Lego?!?!). Then I found out the new series of mini figures were going to be from the film, then a few people went to see it and said it was awesome so I had to go.

We turned up to the cinema at the wrong time and the 2D showing we had planned to see was already half an hour in so we (reluctantly) paid a little extra for the next showing which was in 3D. Neither of us had seen a film in 3D before, but it turned out ok. I think seeing a few bricks in 3D eased us in gently (but it is unlikely will actively see another 3D film!).
Anyway, neither of us knew much about the story. I knew of some of the characters but that was it.

What we got was an end of the world type thing full of jokes, a great cast and a moral (of course it has one kids, are gonna see this film) what I didn't expect was the twist in it, that I won't go into as I don't want to spoil it! Plus it's a right nerd fest for fellow Lego fans!
But we loved it. Funny, fast and feel good, what more do you want?

On a side note the film seems to feature only two songs (there's more but these two rule), one which gets so ridiculously stuck in your head it's not even annoying....

And the other which is possibly the best song ever written (appeals to my inner EMO)....

Obviously I left the film wanting to build right away and become the master builder I am destined to be!
But seeing as this year (the year I promised to create a much better work ethic for myself) has just seen one procrastination after another, I might save my master building career for when I am rich and famous and live in a house that has a spare room and go Lego mad in there.

I think Lego really appeals to me because I think I use my brain equally, left and right, I'm half extremely logical and half creative. So interlocking plastic bricks that can be made into almost anything is like a dream come true!

In fact, forget about when I am rich and famous and live in a house with a spare room, I'm going to build myself a house with a spare room, build it out of LEGO!