Thursday, 30 July 2009

Sugar Paper just got Cooler!

That's right, like we weren't cool enough already, one of our craft projects has been featured in the current issue of cooler magazine, wooop! Readers of Sugar Paper might recognise the project from issue 2, it just got an all-colour makeover!
This is the magazine all here, a surf n skateboarding magazine for the ladies.
This is the craft project here, I like the background they made for it, mmmm sprinkles!

And this just makes it even more exciting that Katy from the Vivian girls has an interview in here too cos we heart Vivian Girls. Not that this wasn't all great, cos it was, but i'm one of those optimistic types, next time...BUST magazine! K x

Tuesday, 28 July 2009


I don't watch Skins, but I was informed the other day by Nickie that, apparently all the cool kids play pre-sex Twister to the soundtrack of Parenthetical Girls (just skip to 3.20):

this prompted 3 thoughts.
2-That I once wrote a piece for Nickie entitled I hate The Ipod Generation, They're Killing Teen TV, which had the opening line of;
Before I start I’m going to admit that this rant could just all be pinned to the fact that I’m getting older and refuse to acknowledge that fact. But I’m gonna spew anyway.

This then saw me rattle on about Skins and all the TV I loved as a teen and how I'm not a teen but still clinging on. Which then got me thinking about my recent obsession with the Twilight saga, teen books and films about Vampire love. I am supposedly too old to be obsessing over such a thing, and also to un-Mormon to love it so much. This, then coupled with my disappointment with how the last two books were turning out, has led me to believe that writing my own fourth book for the series (a 'zine one might say) with the title of Breaking Down, would seem a little sad, and pathetic, I should be out doing adult stuff like looking for a job, leaving home, but I'm not, therefore I am going to make the zine. I have the mentality of a 15 yr old.
And lastly,
3-the last time I played Twister, long ago before I was actually 15, I pissed myself laughing on the mat, I went upstairs hoping no one had noticed, when indeed my whole family had laughed at the puddle of wee on the plastic mat. At the time I was embarrassed, but now thinking that only last year, at the age of 23 almost 24, I pissed myself whilst simultaneously vomiting, it seems like nothing.

I will keep you updated on Breaking Down.

We have something to get off our chest.....

YES! Kandy and I will be at the Bust Craftacular, on Saturday 22nd August.

Kandy with her Knit And Destroy wares, me with Sugar Paper stuffs and some other bits I will be making (well if I manage to stop my life being taken over by the Twilight Saga and pull my finger out).

So see you there!

Friday, 24 July 2009

Wish I'd Gone To Comic Con

I sit here sad, sad that I am not in San Diego at Comic Con. All my favourite men are there and some of my favourite ladies, I am however not.
I then remembered that awesome comic (or graphic novel or whatever) I made out of felt, and the how I made all this stuff out of felt and how it was going to be this big project I was going to finish. That was 2 years ago, I am not even halfway through. I am slow.
Here it is though:
If I didn't work so slow, or dream up all these great ideas that somehow never happen, then maybe I would be a famous something or other who could just hop on over to Comic Con, but I'm not.
And so I will continue sitting here, deciding whether to get down to some much needed sewing, or just start Reading Eclipse.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Craft idol #2

In light of exciting happenings that will be happening soon, I present our crafty idol number 2. A lady that does it all......
Debbie Stoller
Debbie is responsible for a series of knitting and crochet books aptly titled Stitch And Bitch! The series of books contains how to, tips, patterns and all around stitching awesomeness.
I will admit though that my favourite thing that Debbie has done, is not her knitters design journal, oh no it's that she co-founded my favourite magazine Bust.
Yes when she's not being a crafting feminizzle (her words!) she's Editor-in-Chief of my fave glossy 'zine Bust.
All in all she's pretty cool!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


I only went and did it didn't I, I only went and got myself officially obsessed with the Twilight saga, I only bloody went and read the book, that's it now, book every other day, teen fiction taking over my life, all the crafting and makings I have to do for something exciting happening soon and I can't as I am crippled by the intense love of an awkward teen and her veggie bloodsucking BF,
thanks a lot Stephanie Meyer, thanks a lot R Pattz and thanks a lot snazzaroo white face paint THANKS FOR RUINING MY LIFE!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Candy floss!

Calling all people of Sheffield (and anyone who can get to sheffield this Saturday) there is going to be an amaaaazing craft fair this weekend hosted by Sheffield's top craft group 'Craft Candy', here's the details on this lovely poster...
I will be selling my knits here along with sugar paper zines!
It's free entry and it's attached to the 'winter garden' which is like a giant greenhouse that houses some pretty awesome trees and flowers, so come down and say hi!
For more info including a list of all the vendors go to their website:
Kandy x

Sunday, 12 July 2009

I made it into the record books*

I've just come back from Zombie Aid, which involved lots of people dressed like zombies walking round Manchester in order to raise money for charideeee and smash the record for the amount of zombies in one place, or something. Money was made but sadly records were not smashed, only a mere 160 people short, boo!
I did have fun though, there's something very entertaining about smearing blood on your face and shuffling around groaning.
It's also pretty fun watching bystanders, laugh, grimace and shake their head. Especially as a pile of zombies smear their bloody hands and faces along the window of Pizza Hut as people stuff their faces with cold stuffed crust pizza.
It wasn't so much fun when a scally family (who's daughter looked like she had smeared nutella on her face thus looking like a shit attempt at a black and white minstrel) started throwing eggs, egg on my leg, suck.
But all was not lost and we didn't feel too defeated as groaning real loud from the car until passers by stop and laugh is actually really fun, cruising as a zombie could be my new favourite hobby.
I'm off to clip pegs to my face or something equally as ludicrous now so I can break a record!
* well I tried to!

Saturday, 11 July 2009

New skillz...

I have learnt a new craft skill...basket weaving!
When my Mum first asked me to go and do basket weaving with her and my sister in Grindleford I wasn't sure. I soon came to my senses and realised any new crafting skillz is a good thing! We had a fun day of it, the lady who took us was ace, she has already woven her own coffin, she said "it's a bit lopsided though so they'll have to put my shoulders in at a bit of an angle, but it doesn't matter cos I'll be dead" she was awesome!
Here is the day of basket weaving in pictures...

Family - excited about the day of craft ahead!

Half way to being a basket!

Concentration! This bit was well tricky!

Mum, pleased with herself and her basketry skillz

Nearly there now!

The finished basket, hooray!!!!

Friday, 3 July 2009


My week in words:
down to London to attend the Hogwarts Jamboree, which I think Kandy has covered down there. Crafting and two ciders and I'm a wrock band heckler, I learnt I'm the only one that whoops at the word muggle and that Holly should have a Cullen fest! Nick n Paul have a kitten, too much cute.
London 8.30am, sunny, trip to Brighton.
too hot, dressed for early spring weather, I sweat on the beach eating fish and chips. We go to the Lego shop where we make custom Lego folk. I wanted to make me but a) there's no brown faces, as Lego is all yellow b) there aren't many lady faces. I make a Patrick Bateman that I leave there and make myself s boyfriend, complete with K records record bag (technically a brown suitcase).
Stuck on the M25 like a dog in a hot car, LEXI plural of Lexus.
It's a heatwave and I manage to go to the Chestnut centre for the second time and it's raining, like before, despite visiting in August last time, woe is me. otters and owls, otters, phone call for a casting call to be in the new fifa 2009 ad with Wayne Rooney, I am sadly still in Chesterfield when this occurs, balls!!!!!!!!!!!!otters and deer!
Sheffield, have to stand on the street of the Leadmill where I infamously got barred back in like '04 or something.
ChapsXcore + FinallyPunkXcore= happyXcore.
wading in Chatsworth lake, having a picnic. Last minute visit to the Actors Donkey Sanctuary. the owner is a dick. don't go there.
Cake making.
Rejection for job for my favourite Manchester Museums, will I ever be able to visit again?!?!?
And what indeed did I make and do, myself nicely tanned!
I also got my haircut, I now look like Gene Defcon circa 2000 there's a LINK here somewhere:


my week in pictures:

Hogwarts Jamboree

It has been all go for Sugar Paper gang this week, starting with a trip to Hogwarts on Sunday.
We took the crafting to the Hogwarts Jamboree in Londin in the form of felt owl and pygmy-puff making and it went down a treat with all the Harry Potter fans. Here are some happy new owners of thier very own handmade pygmy-puffs (aka pompoms with eyes and feet, woo)

This girl had never made a pom-pom before!!! But she was well crafty (see hand stitched felt snitch hairclip) and made a lovely little fella.

This little 'Luna Lovegood' (sporting a home-made 'buterbeer cork' necklace) got hooked on the pompoms and made herself two! The second one is in progress on the floor there. Unfortunately we haven't got any pics of the felt owls, but they were amazing too. Thanks to Holly Horcrux for putting on the event and inviting us down. x


DO NOT use Asda's food colouring, it is shit! I have been trying to make it work, but it makes your buttercream look like curds and whey and It turns pink cakes a dirty brown/purple colour.
I am a Supercook purist, but Asda have recently taken them off the shelves to replace them with their own 'natural' version, but do you know what, THEY SUCK, so much that I am willing to get a bus to go to Tesco to buy Supercook (that is now apparently owned by Dr Ooooootkarr, like the pizzas yeah!)
look what it did:

luckily I managed to salvage it with some icing (using Supercook colouring!):

(when lit with hott pringles action!)