Friday, 3 July 2009


My week in words:
down to London to attend the Hogwarts Jamboree, which I think Kandy has covered down there. Crafting and two ciders and I'm a wrock band heckler, I learnt I'm the only one that whoops at the word muggle and that Holly should have a Cullen fest! Nick n Paul have a kitten, too much cute.
London 8.30am, sunny, trip to Brighton.
too hot, dressed for early spring weather, I sweat on the beach eating fish and chips. We go to the Lego shop where we make custom Lego folk. I wanted to make me but a) there's no brown faces, as Lego is all yellow b) there aren't many lady faces. I make a Patrick Bateman that I leave there and make myself s boyfriend, complete with K records record bag (technically a brown suitcase).
Stuck on the M25 like a dog in a hot car, LEXI plural of Lexus.
It's a heatwave and I manage to go to the Chestnut centre for the second time and it's raining, like before, despite visiting in August last time, woe is me. otters and owls, otters, phone call for a casting call to be in the new fifa 2009 ad with Wayne Rooney, I am sadly still in Chesterfield when this occurs, balls!!!!!!!!!!!!otters and deer!
Sheffield, have to stand on the street of the Leadmill where I infamously got barred back in like '04 or something.
ChapsXcore + FinallyPunkXcore= happyXcore.
wading in Chatsworth lake, having a picnic. Last minute visit to the Actors Donkey Sanctuary. the owner is a dick. don't go there.
Cake making.
Rejection for job for my favourite Manchester Museums, will I ever be able to visit again?!?!?
And what indeed did I make and do, myself nicely tanned!
I also got my haircut, I now look like Gene Defcon circa 2000 there's a LINK here somewhere:

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nakanickie said...

i flippin' told you that you talk about Patrick Bateman all the time!! you made him in lego form! you love him!