Friday, 24 July 2009

Wish I'd Gone To Comic Con

I sit here sad, sad that I am not in San Diego at Comic Con. All my favourite men are there and some of my favourite ladies, I am however not.
I then remembered that awesome comic (or graphic novel or whatever) I made out of felt, and the how I made all this stuff out of felt and how it was going to be this big project I was going to finish. That was 2 years ago, I am not even halfway through. I am slow.
Here it is though:
If I didn't work so slow, or dream up all these great ideas that somehow never happen, then maybe I would be a famous something or other who could just hop on over to Comic Con, but I'm not.
And so I will continue sitting here, deciding whether to get down to some much needed sewing, or just start Reading Eclipse.

1 comment:

Colouring Outside The Lines said...

This remains, to this day, the best bit of crafting I have EVER seen. Seriously Seleena, you are *so* *so* great