Friday, 3 July 2009

Hogwarts Jamboree

It has been all go for Sugar Paper gang this week, starting with a trip to Hogwarts on Sunday.
We took the crafting to the Hogwarts Jamboree in Londin in the form of felt owl and pygmy-puff making and it went down a treat with all the Harry Potter fans. Here are some happy new owners of thier very own handmade pygmy-puffs (aka pompoms with eyes and feet, woo)

This girl had never made a pom-pom before!!! But she was well crafty (see hand stitched felt snitch hairclip) and made a lovely little fella.

This little 'Luna Lovegood' (sporting a home-made 'buterbeer cork' necklace) got hooked on the pompoms and made herself two! The second one is in progress on the floor there. Unfortunately we haven't got any pics of the felt owls, but they were amazing too. Thanks to Holly Horcrux for putting on the event and inviting us down. x

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