Tuesday, 28 July 2009


I don't watch Skins, but I was informed the other day by Nickie that, apparently all the cool kids play pre-sex Twister to the soundtrack of Parenthetical Girls (just skip to 3.20):

this prompted 3 thoughts.
2-That I once wrote a piece for Nickie entitled I hate The Ipod Generation, They're Killing Teen TV, which had the opening line of;
Before I start I’m going to admit that this rant could just all be pinned to the fact that I’m getting older and refuse to acknowledge that fact. But I’m gonna spew anyway.

This then saw me rattle on about Skins and all the TV I loved as a teen and how I'm not a teen but still clinging on. Which then got me thinking about my recent obsession with the Twilight saga, teen books and films about Vampire love. I am supposedly too old to be obsessing over such a thing, and also to un-Mormon to love it so much. This, then coupled with my disappointment with how the last two books were turning out, has led me to believe that writing my own fourth book for the series (a 'zine one might say) with the title of Breaking Down, would seem a little sad, and pathetic, I should be out doing adult stuff like looking for a job, leaving home, but I'm not, therefore I am going to make the zine. I have the mentality of a 15 yr old.
And lastly,
3-the last time I played Twister, long ago before I was actually 15, I pissed myself laughing on the mat, I went upstairs hoping no one had noticed, when indeed my whole family had laughed at the puddle of wee on the plastic mat. At the time I was embarrassed, but now thinking that only last year, at the age of 23 almost 24, I pissed myself whilst simultaneously vomiting, it seems like nothing.

I will keep you updated on Breaking Down.

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supercasio said...

If you write Breaking Down I will love you forever!!

Also I weed myself much more recently than that. About 2 months ago in fact. Wee happens.