Saturday, 11 July 2009

New skillz...

I have learnt a new craft skill...basket weaving!
When my Mum first asked me to go and do basket weaving with her and my sister in Grindleford I wasn't sure. I soon came to my senses and realised any new crafting skillz is a good thing! We had a fun day of it, the lady who took us was ace, she has already woven her own coffin, she said "it's a bit lopsided though so they'll have to put my shoulders in at a bit of an angle, but it doesn't matter cos I'll be dead" she was awesome!
Here is the day of basket weaving in pictures...

Family - excited about the day of craft ahead!

Half way to being a basket!

Concentration! This bit was well tricky!

Mum, pleased with herself and her basketry skillz

Nearly there now!

The finished basket, hooray!!!!

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