Sunday, 12 July 2009

I made it into the record books*

I've just come back from Zombie Aid, which involved lots of people dressed like zombies walking round Manchester in order to raise money for charideeee and smash the record for the amount of zombies in one place, or something. Money was made but sadly records were not smashed, only a mere 160 people short, boo!
I did have fun though, there's something very entertaining about smearing blood on your face and shuffling around groaning.
It's also pretty fun watching bystanders, laugh, grimace and shake their head. Especially as a pile of zombies smear their bloody hands and faces along the window of Pizza Hut as people stuff their faces with cold stuffed crust pizza.
It wasn't so much fun when a scally family (who's daughter looked like she had smeared nutella on her face thus looking like a shit attempt at a black and white minstrel) started throwing eggs, egg on my leg, suck.
But all was not lost and we didn't feel too defeated as groaning real loud from the car until passers by stop and laugh is actually really fun, cruising as a zombie could be my new favourite hobby.
I'm off to clip pegs to my face or something equally as ludicrous now so I can break a record!
* well I tried to!

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