Friday, 30 March 2012

Shape & Situate

So the ever wonderful and absolutely lovely Melanie Maddison has edited another issue of Shape & Situate zine.
In the words of Melanie; Shape & Situate is a zine of posters made by artists and DIY creative folk from within Europe, each poster highlighting the (often hidden) history and lives of radical inspirational women and collectives from Europe, as a way of connecting us with the past and the present through a dynamic cultural (re-)articulation of these women’s lives. The zine aims to activate feminist cultural memory, to inspire in the present, and to visually bring women’s social and political history to life and into view.
I have a poster in this issue as does our lad Benjamin Cooney.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Loosely Bound's Zine Extravaganza

So Saturday saw me heading to my birthplace, Bradford!!! I got up stupid early to catch a train, but it was OK it was super sunny outside, until I hit the Penines and fog ahoy. It was cold when I hit Bradford, and me in a spring jacket.
Anyway I made my way to the new art space Hand made In Bradford to set up. I was super early but still only managed to set up in time!! Loosely Bound had use of the upstairs. The whole space looked great.
here's what the stall looked like;
I was sandwiched between a bunch of awesome ladies, on one side was Helen of Memo fame, and on the other Melanie, Amy and Rachel <3 TRANS PENNIE PARTY!!!
The place was packed most of the day (it was also the launch of the new art space) and the opening of something rate fancy in Bradford. I didn't get chance to check out the Caribou caravan and I'm going to miss it at Victoria baths zine fair too :( Had a lovely day, talked to some lovely folks and feel like I really should do Bradford proper!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Craft Idol

Oh hello there, we haven't seen one of these in a long time. What can I say, we've been busy! It wasn't until we were being interviewed by Kate Holmes for her Phd and she asked what craft related blogs do we read that I realised how much we love....
Heidi Kenney
Heidi is the brains and brawn behind My Paper Crane. Arts and craft supreme. She sews, she draws, she collects, she's awesome!
She makes many an amazing plush, all of things we love*. And she's a dab hand in the kitchen!
Her blog is always a great read, whether it be a sneak at what she's working on, about food, a tutorial or just pictures of one of her collections. I also just discovered that she has a blog about vintage books.
And she has awesome tattoos, heck we just bloody love her!
* food with faces, woodland nature with faces, household objects with faces!

Happy Mother's Day

This is Kandy with her sister and her mum, her mum knitted both her and her sisters jumper/cardigan and crocheted her own YARN SKILLS. She also did a macrame piece for us in SP#9 CRAFT MOM!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Loosely Bound Zine Extravaganza!!

We shall be at this next weekend.....
Run by Bradford Zine collective Loosely Bound, this looks like it features a load of rad folk, and I like going to Bradford as I was born then, but left young, so enjoy the few times I have returned as an adult! Will be having a stall full of Sugar Paper, Tinnitus and whatever zines I have made that are lying around!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Inspiring Sugar Paper #9

Oh and the awesome site that is ROOKIE!

Seleena's zine shop & NEW ZINE!!

So one half of Sugar Paper, (me, Seleena), has opened an online shop for all the other zines I makes, check it out HERE.
I've also just completed my first ever illustrated zine....
A 60 page full colour zine featuring 30 jackets belonging to Gerard Way!!