Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Loosely Bound's Zine Extravaganza

So Saturday saw me heading to my birthplace, Bradford!!! I got up stupid early to catch a train, but it was OK it was super sunny outside, until I hit the Penines and fog ahoy. It was cold when I hit Bradford, and me in a spring jacket.
Anyway I made my way to the new art space Hand made In Bradford to set up. I was super early but still only managed to set up in time!! Loosely Bound had use of the upstairs. The whole space looked great.
here's what the stall looked like;
I was sandwiched between a bunch of awesome ladies, on one side was Helen of Memo fame, and on the other Melanie, Amy and Rachel <3 TRANS PENNIE PARTY!!!
The place was packed most of the day (it was also the launch of the new art space) and the opening of something rate fancy in Bradford. I didn't get chance to check out the Caribou caravan and I'm going to miss it at Victoria baths zine fair too :( Had a lovely day, talked to some lovely folks and feel like I really should do Bradford proper!

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