Sunday, 2 March 2014

Everything is awesome/I want to be a master bulider

Anyone who reads this blog knows how much I LOVE Lego. And how I spent a large portion of my childhood building wonderful things with my sister.
So when she came to visit last week I decided we had to go and see the Lego Movie.

When I heard this film was coming out I was all, I'm not that bothered (despite the fact I love Lego, did I mention I love Lego?!?!). Then I found out the new series of mini figures were going to be from the film, then a few people went to see it and said it was awesome so I had to go.

We turned up to the cinema at the wrong time and the 2D showing we had planned to see was already half an hour in so we (reluctantly) paid a little extra for the next showing which was in 3D. Neither of us had seen a film in 3D before, but it turned out ok. I think seeing a few bricks in 3D eased us in gently (but it is unlikely will actively see another 3D film!).
Anyway, neither of us knew much about the story. I knew of some of the characters but that was it.

What we got was an end of the world type thing full of jokes, a great cast and a moral (of course it has one kids, are gonna see this film) what I didn't expect was the twist in it, that I won't go into as I don't want to spoil it! Plus it's a right nerd fest for fellow Lego fans!
But we loved it. Funny, fast and feel good, what more do you want?

On a side note the film seems to feature only two songs (there's more but these two rule), one which gets so ridiculously stuck in your head it's not even annoying....

And the other which is possibly the best song ever written (appeals to my inner EMO)....

Obviously I left the film wanting to build right away and become the master builder I am destined to be!
But seeing as this year (the year I promised to create a much better work ethic for myself) has just seen one procrastination after another, I might save my master building career for when I am rich and famous and live in a house that has a spare room and go Lego mad in there.

I think Lego really appeals to me because I think I use my brain equally, left and right, I'm half extremely logical and half creative. So interlocking plastic bricks that can be made into almost anything is like a dream come true!

In fact, forget about when I am rich and famous and live in a house with a spare room, I'm going to build myself a house with a spare room, build it out of LEGO!

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