Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Fancy Dress

For those who are not aware, I have been working in a fancy dress shop for the past six months, selling their wares, fixing and altering stuff and often knocking out the odd thing or two. Now anyone else that knows me will know I love dressing in fancy dress, and more often than not don't even need an occasion, god I'm so kerazzzzzzzzzzzzzy!
Anyway, A month ago I had to alter a large men's Freddie Mercury outfit to fit a young boy, I was all oh it might be a bit big, but his Gran said, just see what you can do, Freddie is his hero.
Anyway i altered it and a few weeks ago, the lady called in to tell me how pleased she was with what I did (and the whole staff in general) she did refer to me as the little foreign girl (bless her) which has given me a new work nickname! She brought a photo in after that, but I wasn't in, so she came back the next day with a few more to show me other photos, it was well sweet. I am glad a little bit of stitching could make someone so happy, plus know he gets to grow into the outfit and keep it FOREVER! And this is me in a cape I made:
And Nickie in a shirt I customised for her:

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