Wednesday, 2 December 2009


OK, so I promise this is the last time I write a Twilight heavy blog (well until at least next year!). I'm not sure what happened or when it did, the turning point, the point I thought it was OK to be 25 and writing Twilight fan fic, the point when looking at the pile of stuff on your bed and noticing it has a particular theme,
exhibit A:
I know my trip to America somewhat fueled it, me and Nickie deciding it to definitely be or new thing to get obsessed over,
exhibit Bexhibit C:
(I still don't know why we didn't take advantage of all that merch FOOLS!).
OK so anyway as you may have heard "Twilight 2" came out the other week, me and a bunch of other 20somethingfeministswhoshouldknowbetter got tickets for a midnight showing, now just going to the cinema at midnight is exciting enough. A little too exciting for me and I got carried away, making Twilight Top Trumps, vxgxn Twilight gingerbreads and special tees for Kandy,
exhibit D:
I think I was so excited I couldn't really remember what the film was like, so I went to see it the next day. I have seen it three times in total, and must say it's a complete lolfest.
I will admit it's not as exciting as the trailer, that made me wet my pants, but I still enjoyed it.
Buffed Jacob made me feel a little ill, not keen on the Cullen's new contacts and why did it seem that everyone was on screen for a total of 1minute?!
I quite liked the 'months' scene, thought the Bella/Jacob rain scene lasted too long and that the Alice jumping over the stairwell scene is the worst thing in film history. Volturi not scary enough, more Edward in his grey tee less of the old man suit, Carlisle been down Next for his dad outfits?
And so the big question, are you Team Edward, or Team Jacob? well seeing as I am incredibly shallow, I decide teams based on who I fancy, so that's Team Edward, plus I'm a sucker for a boy full of woe. But in all honesty I probs would tell Eddie to MTFU. Jacobs makes me a bit sick, I would totez love to run with the wolves, they have more fun, but Jacob would just want to do me aaaaaall the time, plus I have this thing where I think I am far superior to younger boys.
I think we had a TE switch to a TJ, but mostly Team Charlie.
I am definitely not Team Bella, get a personality, jeez.
And so I come to the end of another pointless (Twilight) post, but I promise this is the end (now there's a link to this blog on the Bust site I wouldn't want a bunch of angryfeminists shouting at me through blogger, imagine!......
Unless i get the Twilight or New Moon board game for Christmas!!

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supercasio said...

I went witha mix of TE and TC people. I was the only TB in the gang. No TE in our gang, sorry.

Do you what film I really want to see now though? Face Punch. It sounds like the best film never made.