Tuesday, 8 November 2011


So we're all aware of the Le Tigre song Hot Topic right? If not I'm talking about this...
So I'm sure we all say we know who everyone who is name checked in that song (admit it, I will, after I went to a Carolee Schneeman And Eleanor Antin when I was in my mid teens, I thought I was the SHIT in reality you'd usually find me on the dance floor shouting ARIEL SCHRAG and THE BUTCHIES MAN and miming the rest.)

So imagine my delight when ,my all round awesome pal Leesey made this zine.
It's a brief run down of all those name checked in the song hot topic!! all set amongst colourful paper with illustrations. It made me want to check out every name on the list (something I told myself I would start ten years ago, I'm halfway there!)
I'd also like to take the time out to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Leesey, she is celebrating a big birthday this Wednesday (you never reveal a ladies age, but let's Say Frank Iero just celebrated this age MCR fans!)
She would most definitely be on my Hot Topic list.....
*apologies if you hoped this post was aboput every teen american pop punk emo's favourite store Hot Topic!

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