Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Hood Pattern For Cape.

So you have yourself a copy of Sugar Paper #8 and made yourself an awesome cape, but the winter nights have drawn in, or you just really like head wear and you want a hood on your cape.
Follow this simple pattern!

There are complex ways of making the perfect hood, but we haven't got time for that, so here is the simple version.
You will need:
-fabric the same as your cape
-lining (optional)
-tailors chalk and pins
-needle and thread (sewing machine)
-a hooded garment
-tape measure
1- First off, take your cape and fold it in half (so the opening is the front and back has the fold), now measure the neckline. Make a note of this.
2- Take your hooded garment and fold in half the same way. Now place on top of your fabric. Draw round the hood with the tailors chalk. Remove garment.
3- Measure the distance of the neckline of your drawn on hood pattern, adjust so it is the same length of the neckline of your cape (remember it is just a half measurement).
4- Cut out the pattern leaving a couple of cms form the line for seam allowance. Place face side down on the fabric and cut another piece (repeat with lining if hood is to be lined.
5- Stitch the two hood pieces together (right sides together) with running stitch, turn out and hem the front of the hood.
6- if adding a lining, stitch the lining pieces together, then pin, right sides together the hood and the lining and stitch around the hood the front of the hood.
7- Now to attach to the hood to the cape. Pin the bottom edge of the hood along the neckline of the cape (so the raw edges are facing in. and stitch together with running stitch, then over stitch the edges to keep from fraying.
Now your hooded cape is ready to wear!

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