Saturday, 23 March 2013

To The End.

I don't know where to start with this. A few things first; most of Sugar Paper's Internet presence is done by me (Seleena) just like this post and so some of you may have noticed I love a certain band, if you haven't then you must not read this blog like ever!
Also as stated in a previous blog post (
THIS ONE HERE) I'm an obsessive, I love being a fan of things.

So you can imagine how upset I was when I woke up to frantic texts from two of my best friends saying my favourite band have split! Not how I was planning my Saturday to go.

I'm not going to go on as my friend Holly wrote everything I want to say in her blog HERE.

I never thought when I was young (and obsessive) that I would feel this way as a fully grown adult about a band!
Just the other day I was saying to Holly 'at this rate I'm gonna be 30 the nest time we see MCR' where as now I'm thinking 'I'm almost 29 and I feel like my life as an obsessive is over, what do I do now?'

As I said in that blog post about being a FANATIC that I like being a fan of things, they inspire me to do stuff, and I think that's what I will miss the most.

For a big part of my late teen and adult life this band have influenced me directly and indirectly. I made zines relating to them, I sneak things in Sugar Paper influenced by them, I made an entire felt collection about their last album!!

I made some of my best friends by bonding over them and reignited old friendships because of them. They saved my life! Right now I'm a bit like it's finished, just like that?!? Am I getting this upset over a band? Will I ever be obsessed with anything that is from the past ever again? What do I do now?

I dunno.

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