Saturday, 9 March 2013

Eastenders; knitwear pioneers?!?

I watch Eastenders from time to time and over the past couple of years I've noticed they've featured s couple pieces of knitwear that Kandy and I own, but it wasn't until the other day when character Poppy was wearing a third piece of knitwear I own that I thought wow Eastenders are either spot on when it comes to knitwear or they're peeking into our wardrobes!

The characters that have been stealing our knit style are the kinda off centre ones, the ditsy, quirky and loud ones, but who doesn't want those qualities in some knitwear! WE DO!

Poppy styling some sailor knit.

Seleena also styling some sailor knit after Kandy bought this gem in the sale knowing it would fit either one of us (I'm also making a posh chip butty here!)

Kim being 'a sassy black women'

Seleena being a sleepy black woman, at some work training! (Kandy has this cardi and wears it a lot but I can't find photo evidence right now)I think Kim stole my hairdo too in this one!

Jean Slater rocking the best item since the 90s from (now defunct) Bay Trading.

Seleena rocking it whilst meeting the legend John Waters

Kandy with a lion's head drinking tea and looking stylish!

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