Monday, 4 November 2013

This is Halloween.....

This Halloween I had a party (when I say party, I mean a gathering of a few friends with drinks and snacks!).
Obviously I'm all about dressing up, but I'm also all about putting on a decent spread. So whilst Kandy and I made our outfits (a shrunken head and Oblina from Aaahhhh!!! real Monsters, respectively) I also made some edible stuff. From a jelly brain, to eyeball cakes, edible toxic waste and green punch. Had some Halloween shaped pasta which was a hit and black candy floss sugar which was not a hit as it just came out a dirty white colour, pfft!

Halloween part 2 was meant to commence at the weekend at Tranarchy's Zombie Pride, where I was due to perform a tap dance to The Addams Family theme tune dressed as Wednesday Addams.
sadly on my way to my friends I got mugged! I tried to chase them, but these guys probably had ten years on me, so I didn't manage too. They only really got away with £20, a phone that is not any value, in fact the phone dangles attached to it are probably worth more, a bus pass I didn't even need in my bag (IDIOT!) and a pocket mirror I take everywhere that I bought in 1999!
I didn't let it ruin my night, I didn't do my tap performance (my legs are still aching from the chase now) but I did go out for a couple of hours.... (and here was me thinking the let down candy floss sugar was the Halloween disaster!)

overall had a great Halloween and can't wait to do it all next year!

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