Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Halloween outfits!!

We love to dress up in fancy dress!
We love to get crafty with our outfits too, almost two years of taking up and in packaged fancy dress outfits made from the cheapest of fabrics probably means you won't find me down the local party shop (unless it's for some prop I cannot make!)

Over the years we've dressed as many things for Halloween, Kandy has done skeleton, mummy, Cheetara to knitting a dress with her insides out! I'm quite greedy (not the only reason this post is mostly pictures of myself) and so if I can dress up twice for Halloween, I will! I like the fictional character route: Wednesday Addams (who will be reappearing this year after like 7-8 years), 'zombie' Enid Coleslaw,  Dawn (Weiner) of the dead, Patrick Bateman and The Rumor. There was that one time I dressed as a 3D woman (and fell asleep by 11pm, due to work, see above!) and around 6-7 years ago when I dressed as a Tara McPherson painting ( that year was so good, Alison came as Dame Darcy's Strega Pez, SO GOOD!).

Today I have been putting some finishing touches this years outfit, don't worry it will be well documented here.

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