Sunday, 27 July 2008


today i made Brownies, for the first time ever!!! I only realised the other day I hadn't made brownies before when my mum brought some home made ones from work saying 'mmm tasty, are brownies easy to make' 'yeah' I replied before adding 'actually I've never made them'.
they weren't a massive success. they weren't of the Fudge sticky variety, I had to use milk chocolate instead of Plain as my cornershop doesn't sell Bournvilles, pfft and I nearly burnt the second lot, distracted by You Tube!
Maybe I never made Brownies before as I was never accepted into the Brownies, I tried to join when i first moved to where i live now, they let me go, watch an entire Brownie session and at the end say 'we sadly don't have any room in the Brownies for you, but you can join Brigade. Brigade I learnt was full of Scouts and Brownies rejects. It was OK, sometimes it was funny, The uniform 'dicked all over' that of the Brownies and I really enjoyed polishing my bugle, I sadly didn't enjoy playing it as much and any public performance of bugle playing saw my mime it, I was pretty good at that.

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