Sunday, 21 June 2009

Craft Idol #1

In order to give myself a kick up the crafting arse I've decided to start a series where Kandy and I will tell you a little about our craft idols (this will mean when I run out of the ones I am aware of I will have to search for more!)
First up is...
Jenny Hart

Jenny Hart has made embroidery an art form. creator of Sublime Stitching, awesome embroidery patterns for all kick- ass crafsters. She also makes awesome art work, using hand embroidery of amazing portraits of the famous and the wonderful. She has worked with other ace art ladies Dame Darcy and Lisa Petrucci. Having artwork featured in one of my favourite magazines, Bust. If that isn't enough she has also knocked out a couple of crafty books. Give yourself repetitive strain injury and a piece of awesome embroidery with a Sublime Stitching pattern!


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