Monday, 1 June 2009

WANTED: Come Zine With me..

So today I over dosed on anthistimines ,(3 things I hate about the good weather 1-awful hayfever, 2- everything peeling off my due to overheated blu tack and 3- the sun discolouring my fringe too quickly) but I woke up in time to watch Come Dine With Me,
"who, out of anyone famous, dead or alive would you go on holiday with?"
office worker:
"Carrie from sex and the city, because she IS me, the shoes the handbags the..."
god kill me now.
anyways, yes I am writing a zine come dine with me style and I want contributions! Basically you just write you're own Come Dine With Me dinner, then I'll add it to all the others, and voila, Come Zine With Me!
I'm off to sniff, doze and LOL at this awful PATD cake I just saw on cake wrecks blog, ahhh!

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