Saturday, 6 November 2010

Smotherland / Better Out Than In

I'm sure that regular readers of The Suagr Paper blog will be well aware of my all round awesome pal Alison.
Well the past cpule of months have been busy for her, what with her first ever two solo shows!!
The first one was Smotherland, at International 3 gallery Manchester. And the second going on now, Better Out Than In, at masART gallery, Barcelona. I was lucky enough to attend both, and honoured to be asked by Alison to submit some writing to coincide with Smotherland.

Sadly I am writing this a little too late as The Smotherland Exhibition closed on Halloween (apologies Manchester folk) but all those in and around the Barcelona Area can check out Better Out Than In until December (OK so that probably won't be many of you!!)
For those who didn't make it to the Manchester one here's a peek at what you missed:

I just want to say, well done Alison, us here at Sugar Paper towers are super proud, and love you contributing the colouring in page top our zine, thanks for taking the time out when you should be being a proper artist!

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