Sunday, 5 December 2010

I Got Haterz Everywhere I Go!

The other week I went to see Paramore and B.O.B. It was at the MEN arena which i hate and we were sat waaaaaaaay up, but I learnt a few things that night.
The first thing I learnt was whilst watching B.O.B.

I enjoyed B.O.B a lot. I wasn't sure if Paramore fans would (their demographic being (probably) middle class young teen girls) but they did. He saved all his hits for the end, which I thought a little odd, but mid way through the set he played a song that due to it's beat can only be decsribed as a reggae song, I looked down to the sea of white teenage boys and girls dancing away. I realised he had gotten an arena of kids dancing to a reggae song!
Haley came on for airplanes (sadly no surprise appearance from good 'ol Rivers) and this was the start of my next realisation, I'M GETTING OLD!!!
I'm not a big fan of children, but from where we were sitting we could see a couple of ten year old girls who were so into Paramore, at one point I almost cried.

The big black curtain dropped and Paramore belted out Ignorance, Haley leaning back, face upside down to the crowd, swinging bare bulbs above, PARAMORE flashing on the screen behind and throughout Haley and the boys didn't disappoint. With her pink hair and dance moves, she was the embodiment of Gwen Stefani circa '99. But i had to keep looking at these young girls, they knew every word, the screamed when Haley came near, they held hands and thrashed their hair around and I thought how cool would it have been to be that young and seeing a gig like this, I bloody loved it. See I am getting old!

The last thing I learnt was on the way home. After the gig we went to see Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows (I learnt I quite enjoyed it despite only seeing three other of the films and not reading any books). But it was Nickie driving us home at 3am with the windscreen wipers on (when it wasn't raining) and getting pulled over by the police that I learnt not turning your wipers off is apparently a sure fire sign you are drink driving!!! Took a bit of convincing on Nickie's part, but she told the officer Kandy and i fancied Ron Weasley, this classed as proof she wasn't drunk driving!!! What is the world coming to!

And for the record, we don't fancy Ron!

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miss tukru said...

oi! nothing wrong with fancying ron weasley. though i must confess, i prefer his older brothers. rawr. actually, i'd get sleazy with any weasley.