Sunday, 27 March 2011

Charity shop haul...

So last week I went on a charity shop run in Wigan with Alison and Kandy, the trip wasn't primarily for shopping, but something super exciting that we can't talk about yet!! We picked up a few things, clothes, tat and sat in Oxfam were three Jenny Hart embroidery transfer books. Of course we all snapped them up. Hopefully I'll find the time to knock a few out, some good 'uns in there. Also got a yellow plastic leaf dish that worked well for display purposes at Craft Candy!

In charity shop related news, I have for the past month, been working for charity shop Sue Ryder. The shop opened last week in Didsbury and I am very much enjoying it, not bought any tat yet, but I am sure I will find a ton of stuff to clutter my life up with soon. The only down side was having my purse stolen from the back of the shop on Friday!!I was mostly angry that I have lived in North Manchester, near apparently the country's third most deprived area, for years and never had anything stolen, work in desirable Didsbury for a week and woosh, purse is gone! I bloody loved that Betsy Johnson purse too!

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